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Written about Saturday 2010-05-01
Written: (3431 days ago)

wow, i've whined a lot. to those of you who've had to listen. thank you. such behavior is inevitable when locked inside your own mind. at least mine. lol. you should all try it sumtime. with all that said. it's been forever and i'd like to get in touch with my friends. give me a shout.


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Written about Thursday 2009-01-15
Written: (3902 days ago)
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i like the new descrip. nifty.

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Written about Thursday 2005-11-17
Written: (5057 days ago)

I tear my heart open, just to feel. I didn't find anything there, it's allready out, poison in my veins. I want to sleep, but it seams it's poisoned my dreams, too. If only I could go back, before I was poisoned. Back to ignorant bliss. Eh, I guess, you'll have that.

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Written about Sunday 2005-08-21
Written: (5145 days ago)

This is true. At least for me.

When a guy calls you hot...He's looking at your body,
When a guy calls you pretty...He's looking at your face,
When a guy calls you beautiful...He's looking at your heart :)

Just found that and it made me smile. I miss smiling. At least like that.

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Written about Friday 2005-08-19
Written: (5146 days ago)
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I once had a Marine drill instructer tell me, "Pain is weakness leaving the body!" I agree with that, but I wonder where does it go? Sometimes, I feel that a lot of pain has left my body only to reside in my soul.

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Written about Saturday 2005-08-13
Written: (5153 days ago)

I arrived "home" yesterday. After a confussing and long bus trip I'm here. I still didn't find home. Though, I did find a nice place to visit. A really nice place, actually. So tired, so tired of bein' tired. Before I left, I gave my mother a few ol' disposable cameras that I never got developed. One ended up bein from the end of my sophmore year the other had one pic on it that stood out. my ex and i in my first car. sumone in the back took a pic of us in a lil kiss. i miss it. i miss it everyday. i think that's where i was at home.

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Written about Monday 2005-08-08
Written: (5158 days ago)

The days are coming faster now. Once again, my sense of time is out of whack but that's not totaly different for me. I'm goin' home Thursday and I'm not quite sure I want to. I'm not in love with where I'm at I just don't want to go home. These kids (my cuz's) are wearing me out faster and faster everyday. I don't know why anyone would want four children. Strangely enough, I think they're trying for a fifth. There's the deffinition of insanity, folks. Anywho, I've been bored out of my mind, ya'll. Talk to me! lol. That's it for tonight.

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Written about Monday 2005-07-04
Written: (5193 days ago)

It's only 11:00am. Can this be? I feel as I've been up for hours now. Hours and hours and hours. I want to sleep. The days go faster that way.

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