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Written about Monday 2012-11-05
Written: (2767 days ago)

Going to visit the Godkids. Will be back on Thursday!! :D

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Written about Sunday 2012-10-28
Written: (2775 days ago)

Back from my trial test at the White Swan Pub! I had such a good time! I was nervous to begin with and I was overwhelmed a little. After pouring a couple of pints and mixing a few vodka and cokes, I got the hang of things. I started severing customers about half way through the night by myself but I did get a lot of help from the lasses, Kat, Nikki and Claire. I did have a couple of slip ups with orders, I fucked up a couple of pints and I did have to ask customers a three or four times what they wanted! But all in all I think I did okay and I do hope I get the job. Only time will tell! :D 

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Written about Wednesday 2012-10-24
Written: (2778 days ago)

Okay I think it's time for a nice recap of this whole month and why I haven't been on or as active as I should be.

At the end of last month I found out that my godkids lost this Nana (grandmother) on their father's side of the family. So at the beginning of this month I went down for ten days to help them out and take some of the stress off their shoulders. Once I got back home, I only had a few days to sort out stuff before I went to Bo'ness. So I ended up cleaning the house, dealing with my blog and going to my friend's leaving party. I went up to Bo'ness to baby sit my dad's flat for 5 or 6 days and I went with a friend of mine.

So now after all that I had an interview today at the White Swan pub and it went amazing! I have a trial day on Saturday and if that goes well then I'll hopefully get the job. Which means I can sign off job seekers and finally earn my own money instead of living off the Government.

I'll update you on Sunday if I get the job or not. If I do get the job then I might be on here less but I'm not sure yet.

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Written about Wednesday 2012-10-17
Written: (2786 days ago)

Going to my dad's place for a few days. Will be back on Monday 22 October :)

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Written about Saturday 2012-10-13
Written: (2790 days ago)

going to a leaving party :)

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Written about Monday 2012-10-01
Written: (2802 days ago)

I know I said I'll be away for 10 days but I'm taking my mum's tablet with me, so I can jump on for a 10 mins before bed :)

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Written about Saturday 2012-09-29
Written: (2804 days ago)

I won't be on for the next few weeks because my Godkids have just lost their Nana. So I'm going over to help out their parents in any ways I can.

If you need me, I'll have my blackberry with me. So Facebook or Twitter or yahoo is the best way to get in contact with me.

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Written about Wednesday 2012-08-15
Written: (2849 days ago)

off to the job centre be back later

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Written about Saturday 2012-08-04
Written: (2860 days ago)

Right I'm logging off for the day cause I really want to read Halfway to the grave by Jeaniene Frost. So yeah.....byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! :D

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Written about Thursday 2012-08-02
Written: (2861 days ago)

I feel so silly cos I only have Tonsillitis XD The drugs Dr.Louis gave me are phemoxymethylpenicillin and I'm on a 7 day course.

I got mum to buy me ice cream, soup and yoghurt because I'm ill! Hehehehe! I love being ill cos mum always gets me whatever I want :D

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Written about Thursday 2012-08-02
Written: (2861 days ago)


I have something to tell you all. I have a lump at the back of my mouth....well it's more like on my right tonsil. I find it hard to breath, to eat, to drink and to sleep. I didn't notice this until yesterday that I had a lump but for the past two weeks I've had a sore throat and I thought it was nothing. I thought it would go away by it's self but when I saw that lump.....I cried and freaked out. I'm pretty sure it's Tonsil Cancer or Tonsillitis but I'm seeing the doctor today and who know what Dr Louis will say. If it's nothing then I'll come home, get online and just laugh about it with you guys but...if it is something serious then I will only be able to contact people via my phone. And I'm not even sure if I will be able to use my phone.


Michelle xxx

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Written about Tuesday 2012-07-31
Written: (2864 days ago)

Will be back later cause I have a late breakfast date with my friend, Laura. We need to catch up and have a giggle :D

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Written about Wednesday 2012-07-25
Written: (2870 days ago)

Right I'm off to my daddy's flat until Friday afternoon. So see ya all when I get back :D

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Written about Wednesday 2012-07-11
Written: (2884 days ago)

On a 3 mile walk with my mate but I'll be back later on today :D

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Written about Wednesday 2012-07-04
Written: (2891 days ago)

Hey Guys

I promised my daddy that I would go up to Bo'ness (which is near Edinburgh, Scotland) today until Friday, so I can paint his flat (apartment), mow the law, etc Blah! =/

So yeah I'll be back on Friday :D

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Written about Wednesday 2012-06-13
Written: (2911 days ago)

Finished my last year at college, all the stress, break downs, laughs, jokes was worth it. I've made some amazing new friends along the way and I will never forget the amazing tutors that have helped and supported me along the way. I have done accomplished things at college that I thought I would never do like being Vice President of the Student Association, being Class for NC Admin and Tourism and of course winning Special Student of the year award. I have finally proven to myself and to everyone else that I am smart enough to complete an NC course! So it's time to chill out this summer while looking for a job, keeping in contact with all my friends and loose some weight! ♥

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Written about Saturday 2012-05-12
Written: (2944 days ago)


Right I'm gonna be going into college today ( which is my birthday >.> ) cos I have to study for my IT for Management assessment which is next Tuesday. But I will only be gone for 6 or 7 hours today cos the Library is open from 10am - 3.45pm. I just need to finish off Calculation in Reports then redo my mock assessment and finish off my day with a wee bit of IF statements, Dynamic linkages and filtering spreedsheets :D

BYE! See yous when I get back :D

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Written about Monday 2012-04-30
Written: (2955 days ago)

Today was D-day. I found out that I am a level 5 for my writing but I got a level 6 for my speaking (that was the highlight of my day). So since I don't have my full level 6 comms I can NOT get into HNC Admin and IT. I can not side-step onto NC Business because I won't get funding for it. I have to give up my post as Vice President of the Student Association by the end of the college year in June. I have accepted my fate and came up with back up plan. I will be looking for a job over the next few weeks

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Written about Friday 2012-02-17
Written: (3029 days ago)

Hey Guys

Right well I've got my IT for Admin resit, oh the joys >.< Then am off to visit Rach, her partner and my amazing godkids! :D So I won't be online until Sunday afternoon :)

But if you need me, Tweet or FB me :D

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Written about Saturday 2012-01-14
Written: (3063 days ago)

Right am off to catch a bus to Hawick to have lunch with my good friend Gemma :D

Laters everyone!!! :D

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Written about Thursday 2012-01-12
Written: (3065 days ago)

Hey everyone :)

It's my day off college, so I'm going into college help tutor two class mate. They need help with there Tourist and in return they will help me with Spreadsheets! :D

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