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Written about Monday 2005-10-10
Written: (5419 days ago)


Never doing anything right
Never putting a smile on his face
Never having hope


You don't really want me.
You know its true
You cant stand me but lieing to your self is easier


Who are you really thinking about when our lips touched?
Who do you really want?
Who is the girl?


Is this girl better?
Is this better to lie?
Is this hate for you?

So confusing.
When does the lie start and end?
You never loved me.
You never will.
I'm not right for you.
For any one else.
I will die alone.
Decay in my grave.
My prince is never coming.

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Written about Friday 2005-10-07
Written: (5422 days ago)

Mood-Ugh!Fuck you but I'm still happy
listen-Pam breath while she is sleeping.
Watching-The screen go white while i pass out on the keyboard XD

Bored sorta since pam fell a sleep.
Pretty nice night.My mom made us sadal since pam doesn't eat meat.
Cold out side but its alright.

She sleeps really early.

Why Am I Always Picked Last?

I don't understand why.

Fuck it right?

I'm just a fucked up girl that hardly any guys i like want me.

Just fuck it.
and fuck all the girls that are assholes in school
Fuck them!

Fuck school work!

Fuck you,Fuck your shoes and your hair emo kid!

Just fuck every one.

I hate you.

Go the fuck away!

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