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Written about Monday 2004-12-06
Written: (5800 days ago)

I need help and would love it if someone could help me. What do you do when old habits die hard and your put in old situations. the other day i got scared, and it reminded me of some things that have happened to me in my past, and i wanted to do something. in fact... i tired to do something. and it kinda worked, but not like i wanted it to work. i know well over 99% of you are confused now so ill stop. if you know what im talking about and can think of a way to help me, please let me know. -ashley renee-

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Written about Tuesday 2004-11-23
Written: (5813 days ago)

It's sad enough when someone dies. It's worse when someone kills themselves. It's the worst when you saw that person almost everyday and talked to them. Were friends with them. I dont know what sent him over the edge. He was an amazing young man. I cared about him. I cried when they announced to the school he passed away over the weekend. He put a shotgun under his chin and blew his brains out. His best friend was trying to stop him. He was four feet away when Jon pulled the trigger. I feel sorry for him. His name was Ryan. For Jon to kill himself like he did, is a shock to many of us. He never seemed the type. He was on the starting line-up for the varsity football team... now... he will never play the sport he loved again. He was loved and will always be remembered. We love you Jonathan. R.I.P.

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Written about Tuesday 2004-07-13
Written: (5946 days ago)

By me ~ARG~

Hello there,
Can you hear my cries,
The echo of my bleeding heart,
My soul that died tonight,
Is anyone out there,
Who cares about me,
Is there anyone to stop this pain,
To stop my hurt inside,
Is there anyone who can help me,
Can help me stop this bleeding,
Can help me keep from dying here tonight,
From dying here tonight...
The blood inside me,
Is cold as stone,
Yet as it falls,
It becomes a fire,
It warms my empty soul...
I feel them leaving,
The ones I love and trust,
They slowly walk away,
Draining out my love,
Now I'm empty,
Lost and all alone,
Nothing more to do,
Theres nothing more to do...
I lay here in these crimson sheets,
They are soaked with my own blood,
As I look up at the moon,
I sigh and die,
No one knows my pain,
No one knows my fright...

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Written about Sunday 2003-07-27
Written: (6298 days ago)

i need people to help me. i live in the U.S. (obveousely!) and im looking for someone about my age to help me learn how to use this site. i would prefer a male if ya know what i mean. lol. well i should go. *~*~*~*Ashley Renee*~*~*~*

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