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Written about Saturday 2003-12-27
Written: (6003 days ago)

Ok, it's been awhile. I'll prolly never write in this again. I can only do elftown at home and I'll never remeber or care to update this. So...sorry...

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Written about Thursday 2003-11-06
Written: (6054 days ago)

Just so you know, elftown has been REBLOCKED on the computers at school...so once again...no updates often. Only when I have the time at home, my life is too busy and someone needs to turn up the radio! Whee! Music ish good... /7 I wanna feel it, gotta give me some more. Turn up the radio! /7

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Written about Wednesday 2003-10-29
Written: (6061 days ago)

CHEESEY NOODLES! (no reason...)

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Written about Friday 2003-10-24
Written: (6067 days ago)

Once again, its friday, only this friday sucks. No pep-rally... Tomorrow is Robotics contest in Leander... Hopefully our robot won't nuke itself and keel over and die. It may happen... Its completely redneck built. Last night, at the robotics meeting it was redneck rampage! Tons of missing teeth and slack-jawed speaking, it was horrible! Anyhoo, I should make it through the day to the game, we're playing Holland! If anyone from Holland can read this, good luck! The Holland band is awesome, I hear they are 40 or more strong this year! Good luck yous guys!

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Written about Wednesday 2003-10-22
Written: (6068 days ago)

Weird Wednesday, today is the day I catch up on all of last week's work... Last week screwed up my schedule like crazy. I'm behind in both of my math classes and my goverment class. My gov class isn't that bad, its just the teacher is whacko. One of my math classes, I'm horribly behind. Niki and I are going to work on it afterschool, gonna finish ALL of this six week's work... hopefully...

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Written about Saturday 2003-10-18
Written: (6072 days ago)

Grrr! Judges suck! Especially 5 and 4 A judges... they gave our AWESOME band A FRIGGIN' III!!!! That so sucks!! We worked so hard... it angers me so. Anyhoo, hope they die, and me and mah friends are going to the local fair! Hopefully we can have fun messing with the drunks and playing games. Brando, my friend, is spending the night so that will be fun... See you guys on monday...or later...or whenever!

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Written about Friday 2003-10-17
Written: (6074 days ago)

Exclamation marks!!!

Today is friday, and it is a half-day, miss texas is coming, there is a pep-rally, and I play drums...WHOO HA!

Me an' Niki are going to the town fair too, it should be pretty fun! I'll prolly see everyone on monday! Bye!

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Written about Thursday 2003-10-16
Written: (6074 days ago)

Ducky Ducky Ducky...I need something to do....BOREDOM! WAHH! I got tons of math homework to do...three papers due tomorrow and one is already late. I hate how screwed up our teachers are with stuff. They tell me to turn it into one teacher (who isn't there, so I decided to wait till the real teacher back, which is a good idea.) Then, they tell me to turn it into another teacher, and since I havn't done it yet...its late. Poo on a rock.

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Written about Wednesday 2003-10-15
Written: (6076 days ago)

Well, I got everything up and running. I'll change my pictures often...if I can. I enjoy going to Elftown, its something to do to pass the time. This little diary thing is fun too. I'm kinda sleepy right now, but I know later today my hyperness will kick in, whoo boy. Anyhoo, more later...

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Written about Friday 2003-10-10
Written: (6080 days ago)

Ok, so Elftown is still up...perhaps the teacher has had a change of heart and unblocked this site? It would be nice, then I can figure out why it dosn't work on my home computer. Today is once again another friday, my and my drummer boys are gonna wear goggles all day, so, its gonna be fun! Hehe, I hope we win!

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Written about Thursday 2003-10-09
Written: (6081 days ago)

Day: Four million

I havn't been able to log into Elftown in a while, but there was a power outtage here at school and I think it blew the network computer or something. All the sites that are blocked are down! Woo! Our evil teacher blocked Elftown because I was at someone's house and it said "damn"! I was so pissed off! But maybe, I will discover what is wrong with my home computer, but until then...I'll be shut off from yous guys.

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Written about Wednesday 2003-09-17
Written: (6103 days ago)

I can't stress the fact enough that ELFTOWN DOES NOT WORK AT MY HOUSE!!! ARGH!! I have no idea why it dosn't work...it works on my friend's craptacular (And I mean CRAPPY) computer! It completely sucks... ARGH! Help someone!

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Written about Monday 2003-09-08
Written: (6112 days ago)

ARGH! Monday! >_< Damn it all...mondays are such a drag. I slept good last night, and first...and second periods, heh. I can't figure out whats wrong with my computer at home. I can play games like Original War and Starcraft, I can check my mail and all that good stuff. But, it won't let me log into Elftown!! It bothers me so... If I could get it to work I would put my picture up and some drawing or something...

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Written about Friday 2003-09-05
Written: (6115 days ago)

It troubles me so that I cannot sow, the seeds that blossom in the breeze. For I am lost, with out any place to go, and I'm afraid the result will cost.

I can't get elftown to work still. It says "You are logged out" when I try to log on, but it works perfectly here at school. Thats a total bummer, no drawings or picture of my lovable but stupid looking face. *sigh* Today is friday, that means it football day and pep rally day. I'm in my band's casual uniform (which isn't casual) and I'm waiting for the pep rally to begin this afternoon. I like playing the quads, they are alot of fun. But this uniform bothers me, I have having my shirt tucked in -.-' Its a big bummer... Anyhoo, more later my oreos!

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Written about Thursday 2003-09-04
Written: (6116 days ago)
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Once again, another day. Makes you kinda wonder...why is it today and not tomorrow? I'll tell you why... BECAUSE I WOKE UP AT FRIGGIN' 5:30 AM!!! >_<''! Which is massive suck, because I woke up for marching practice with the band. For other people, this would rock, for the drumline...its tiresome... Me and mah buddays all agree, drums are TOO HEAVY! Especially me (the quad) and the bass drum dude. Oh yeah, one day...I will discover why elftown dosn't work at home...

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Written about Wednesday 2003-09-03
Written: (6117 days ago)

Well, I've explored elftown a bit. Its pretty cool...lots 'o nice peoples and such. But, I still need to get it to run at my house. I'm at school right now, and no pictures of me to put up or anyting. I'm not an artist, so I can't draw something and scan it in my computer class...I might ask a friend of mine to draw me some stuff for this..might be cool. Anyhoo, until later.

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Written about Thursday 2003-08-28
Written: (6123 days ago)
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I HAVE A DIARY?! ...weird...

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