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Written about Friday 2005-01-07
Written: (5663 days ago)

Well today was ight...! I got to see my baby. That was AWESOME. Pls we had no school, but i really didnt care about that. I would've been happy inschool or out..i got to hang wit my boy either way. Well Than he was suppose to make cookies for my mum because he makes some BOMB ass cookies...well He had to wait for em to chill and he didnt have enough time so my mum was gonna finish em when they was done chillin. So after they was done chillin my mum was sleepin...so I figured hey lets try to make em for mum so she can have em when she gets up. Well So i try to make em for my mum and i ruined everything. I ruined 17 cookies that are now like 2 milimeter thick black and bornw peanut butter/ burnt tasting chips. Im soo mad. I should've never tried...now i fucked up everything. BUt oh well. And now my baby is all upset because he cant make me any happier and yea. i unno! Plus last night i had night mares all night after no being able to sleep that well from 11:00-6:00 anyways. I had stupid dreams that tornados where comming to get me and it pissed me off..and so I was like GRR!! And yeah. But Im just gonna stop bitching now...there is MUCH more i can say!! I choose not to!

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Written about Wednesday 2004-06-16
Written: (5867 days ago)

Hey all its my first entry. How fun! Well today kind of sucked. I went baby sitting for a while and than I came home. However, I am scared to go into my room by my self because my cat went psyco yesterday. She attacked me and my niece and my older brother, now I'm scared of her. Plus, now I'm bored and no one is talking. So that is my day!! Write more lata.

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