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Written about Tuesday 2011-05-24
Written: (3364 days ago)
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Well we have made it past the end of the world.


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Written about Sunday 2011-05-22
Written: (3366 days ago)

Today has been a good day. I have received a lot of well wish's from a lot of friends and family for my birthday. To all of them I say thank you.

Love you

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Written about Friday 2011-05-20
Written: (3368 days ago)

Well I have submitted my first entry to a competition.

Wish me luck

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Written about Thursday 2011-05-19
Written: (3369 days ago)

So has anyone else heard that the end of the world is to happen this weekend? O by the way it is my birthday on the 21. Happy happy joy joy.!!!

love you all

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Written about Wednesday 2011-05-18
Written: (3370 days ago)

Hello to everyone. It's nice to hear form you. Thanks for the warm welcome, and please have a bit of patience with me as I learn how things work around hear.

love always

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