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Written about Thursday 2010-01-14
Written: (3787 days ago)


The way of life
The meaning of existence
What you have to be in a world so cold
Can you win?

Things out of hand
You grab your weapon
Sharp, long swords that knock down anyone
Do you still think you can win?

Killings are around us
People scream for help
The only figure that stands in the way of the balance
The way of the warrior

You think you can rise above
But can you really win this war
Impossible yet probable
Still think you can win?

A terror so evil haunts us
Full of hatred for humans
It picks us off one by one
Waiting for someone worthy enough to stop it

You think your confident
Unafraid, invincible
You think you have what it takes
To be a warrior you have to over come everything

You face this evil
You fight hard
But in the end
You fall

You try and try to get back up
And everytime your knocked down
You just decide to give up
A warrior knows when he’s lost the fight

You die with dignity
Knowing that someone someday will rise again
You smile and close your eyes
Every warrior doesn’t live forever

Everyone will know that you’re the warrior that stood up for humanity
And someone someday will pick up where you left off
Unafraid, invincible but as they fall too
People realize no matter what happens its an endless war

No warrior is strong enough to face this evil
And no warrior backs down
But all warriors who fight they fight with pride
Can any warrior put an end to this chaos we call life
Still think you can win?

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