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Written about Monday 2009-01-26
Written: (4141 days ago)

Stillborn World

I smash the mirror on the wall
I do not have to see the face in there
This is now and the ends
meet as we endorse pretends

Luckily I kept my word
My secret to myself
Never did I fall or let the
hypocrites bewitch me

Inside's betrayed me
Outside the hills
come alive and blackens my
depraved, sick little world

Lost alive in the world and it's dead
It has left me behind
Am I just another stillborn changeling
or am I too late?

This is not the answer
This is not the answer
I am your descendant, your prince of atrocity

I will not ever confess that which have brought me all and this far
I will not admit my wrongs as they've kept me alive for all this time

I stab the witcher back into his wound
It shall never cease to bleed
For that which does not kill us
Keeps us in our creed

Life is just a struggle
Meant to justify
Everything and anything
we use to claim why
Nothing seems to end
the self-inflicted suffering

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Written about Monday 2009-01-26
Written: (4141 days ago)

Judas' Prowler

Please lie to me about everything I live by
Because what I live for is opposition
Please strike me down, just to harden me
Don't ever let me grow weak

If I'd sell myself I'd do it big
For what I'm worth it's more than human
Stillborn I'd be useless, but fully alive I'd be God

This is your one and only shot
Here I am, you puritans!

I am not Iscariot, nor am I a disciple
No, I am something so much worse
I am your kin, drawn to blasphemy

But I do not make myself a demon (that's your job!)
Satan walks with a limp
and Lucifer is fallen

The Devil is a boogeyman
God and Jesus fairies of tales
I kiss you and you die
I kiss you and you'll be forever damned

When I kiss you, you fall
But I love you, though I also love to hear you scream

If Earth is Eden, then I'm the snake
For Eve I am humble, thus Adam loose
Mine is fortune, future and truth
Everyone else are my tools

Cultures rise and fall before me
Ideals whirl by as an artificial bad smell
I dress up and open my front door
Here I can find my eternal kingdom

Opposed to what is common sense
I do not have limits
I could easily avoid your cleanse

Deep down you know
That you can trust nothing
All you think you know is man-made
or just a part of human nature

Wickedness, disorder and malice
Versus the virtues of the pure
But also purity corrupts
As everything is part of the same puzzle

The blackness and the light
flows through me equal in strength
For what I am is neither true nor false
Perhaps it is just me you fear

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Written about Monday 2009-01-26
Written: (4141 days ago)

Another Annihilation (The A.D. Phenomenon)

Do you remember who we were?
That which did not slowly kill us
quickly teared us down to gravel

A.D. for After Destruction
When we somehow cared
for one another in the ruins
The pathetic remains
of tiny fragile kingdoms

Over and over again
we try to control our little worlds
But suddenly we slip and fall

And then we are forgotten...

In life after destruction a small glimpse of hope will glitter
We can only miss what we no longer have
Anno domination and possession
The rest of the time all we want is more and more and more

Do you hate the world
or are you simply scornful?
Will the efforts be for nothing?
The misanthrope says yes

Afterworlds in repercussions
of further destructions
We simply wait
for the next ideal or political conflict

Is there a truth
beyond yourself?
Is there any honour?
No, there are no such things

Keep up your
Go on and zombietize your life
with medications

Nothing will matter
in time and ever after
it will be as if we had
never existed

Quickly we forget
and remake the mistakes
Over and over and one by one
those who see the truth are giving up

Humans take things easily for granted
but seem to be unable to enjoy the now
Odd creatures we are

Mammal, virus, alien and predator...

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Written about Monday 2009-01-26
Written: (4141 days ago)

A Crimson Banner

Howlers meet and prowlers feet
take them running swift across the field
Predators tend their wounded
Sedators attempt to mend their creed

Hysteria breaks out as trumpets cry
over plains of black volcanic ash

Hordes of beasts of infidels rush
They're but pagans under master's lash

Fatal wounds and burnt skin
Let your children die, proceed
Slay your enemies and sacrifice yourselves in martyrship

For your damned feuds and hypo-fucking-creed
Thank God, Jehova and Allah for suffering
We bow to you as your wars kill off fanatics

Thank Jesus and Muhammed and the rest of the pest
Keep this up and expose all the petty hypocrite decievers

Pray to whatever higher power you suppose will intervene
And hope that whatever imaginary friend you worship
will somehow fill your heart with the strength to carry on
To fight for whatever nothingness you fight for in this blighted world

The more you die the less you lie, you cowards!
Let the blood flow, perform your show of death
Some day you will too see the bitter grimness of devotion
But your ways will die with your last breath

Let the pennants and banners sign the declaration of war
against everything and anything they can alienate and abhor
All that is joy and pleasure must be marked as wrong and obscene
For without the abstinence, the suffering and the screening
life would suddenly seem to have an individual meaning
That would harm the herd of the enticed ones

Pray to whatever evil we possess and open doors
and reality will never be as you were told
Because you were indoctrinated by old men in cowls
You were born a slave to an industrial mass philosophy

The more you die the less you lie, you cowards!
Let the blood flow, perform your show of death
Some day you too will see the grimness of devotion
But your ways will die with your last breath

Let us burn their crimson banner
Deciphering their manifests and in the end it would make them all broke

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Written about Sunday 2008-08-17
Written: (4303 days ago)


Breeze, silence in thunder and above
shines the infernal fire
Fleas, violence that sunder all love
Enshrines the eternal desire

Open up your palm and watch the map
Clean the blood off your fingers and tap
slightly on the temple on your head
Try to remember what the reverend said

A red vulpes hound elects the new con slay
A cult celebration of tumult sedation day
Oh, behold the show unfolded
Now so dirty, foul and molded

I choose sloth and dire apathy
before this agony and endless remedy
I wish for selective debris
I want your path to end and feed the banshee

Creature of the night and nighmare of unorthodox
I free myself, you see yourself and be yourself, all that you’ve become
Do you hate the night and do you defy and repudiate
the frozen fox? The chosen mocks?
Come heathen docks and creeden locks

Do you make belief in us escaping the fundamental tenet entanglement and come with me?
Come with me

Anxiety evokes an assistance
to variety that provokes from a distance
Society chokes on its existance
Sobriety invokes a new resistance

Bolted shackle, breaks for no key
Unlocked alone by your hypocrisy
What powers you ask for mute
When mouth is ashes there’s no taste of the fruit

Silence ordered for the short-lived
Riots emitted onto forts
A shattered herd in remembrance
Scattered memento too, in the embers

Falsification of life itself
On screens, on billboards, in books on shelves
A sign of armageddon, of weakness and pride
A coming of the end of life on each equal side

Brutal, futile
Bow to the common sense and grow, grow!
Honour host, hate herecy
Hostile hits hypocrisy

Empathy slaved under sinister liars
Them depraved sundered desires
Sociopathics raved wondered requires
Easy paved roads of the minister’s wires

Puppets we are still, and no one objects
The pets of farther kills, wars and sects
Blood, oil, cash, fills, stores, insects
All that we live on infects

Exit the last time the whore-making fraud
Bend, twist and hollow the crowd
Break and outdoctrine the blind and the flawed
Mend fist and follow the loud

I choose sloth and dire apathy
before this agony and endless remedy
I wish for selective debris
I want your path to end and feed the banshee

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Written about Wednesday 2008-08-06
Written: (4315 days ago)

When My God Hates Yours

At their polywedding for the daughter of Ra
Sinister marriage to the dark son of Seth
Select the best man and tuxedo for Samael
And pray for peace among the sheep of the groom, bitter Hades

(May dirtgods divine release the swine, commit cannibalism on
the chosen race and finally free us from all this dependance)

This grim feud, this vendetta and the faith
Escalates as a divine tsunami
Flows and deluges the poor little sinners
When the superior lord craves engagement

It fades away, at the same time as everything
wields shut together, forges the eternal ideal warfare

When my god hates yours

Eclipse, the lustful shade blocking
The sun beams of light and life
Shame on the shadow for killing the warmth
and the seeds growing under our feet

Dead to the insight and lost in the widesight
The gothic breath misery draught
Send me a thrall in the sunrays
Kill him in shade of the gateways to Heaven

Empathy - Inferiors, slaves to sympathy
Dogmatism - War-hate-fate
I want you to die and your soul be forever doomed
I want your heretic god to fall

Pride in the dust where the holy feet
once blessed it with their mystic might
Brides to the systematic enclosure
of the homo sapiens sapiens sect

Cults, sick inventions
of cynic intentions
Brutality a tool for the heroic acts
in the final crusade for all the gods man-made

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Written about Thursday 2008-07-31
Written: (4320 days ago)

Dog King

Dog God Royal!
I fucking hate you
God of scum loyal
Dog chief of the lifeless

Soulless, Loveless, Speachless
Clueless creatures, grinded meat
for the puppet puppy slaughter slave

Anthrax phoenix Reverend
If you're Saint Michael
then cast me out of here!
My silence - Listen!
All is silent

Empathy died out
when your bowls were filled
A bite over the neck
and your lordship is granted

It is a strange melody when your civilization crumbles
It is a hard lesson when the grinder catches your tail
It is a fever amongst us that mumbles
Something about a cleanse

Dog King of Dogmatrix
Redneck bashing, crushing, slashing
Strivers conservative
A sacred hound allegiance

I abhor you
Kings of shit heirs
Dog chief of the truthless

Warless, Cureless, Eyeless
Brutal cattle, grinded meat
for the patriots and riots

Holocaust phoenix motherload
If you're natives
then claim your grounds from me!
My silence - Listen!
All is silent

Sympathy escaped
your bludgeoned skulls
A nail in the eye
and you're mine

With a vengeance
You put yourself in my way
I speak to you with metaphors
and end up answering fists

Yes, I hated you, and abhored you
Now I know that I slowly killed you

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Written about Thursday 2008-07-31
Written: (4320 days ago)


Crude angelic post-electric wings on the horizon
Saturn epic rectum rings around the dirtstars
Contradictive minions fucking until sex-deluged
Lust-fear and sheer dust throughout the farthest kin

Is this our humanity?
Here lies fumes of sanity
Irrelevant a covenant and sucking up the toxic
An atmosphere, our autostare towards the end of all things
All of all things as us descends
All alike us ends

He's as gullible as tons of steel nails
Thundering as dead weight above the living - soon dead
She's as warm as naked stone
The one you bash your puppy's head against

Figuring, disfiguring
The bane bare thoughs of a poetry hypnosis
A corpse-romantic, rapelust-frantic
Seed of dire heroes spreading the plague, another freedom

Hate, hate, hate, hate...
Desolation-lust, lust, lust, lust, lust...

It is never easy, never easing
Never blunt, direct and never is the treason ceasing
Mankind stands erect and willing
to spread cum all over our homes and our neighbours

And we stake our poles into the soil
We jerk head first within the blasphemic creation
Then we excuse our apologies and keep on deafening
We sunder our keep and ourselves

Mate, mate, mate, mate...
Contra-cynism, -ism, -ism, ism, -ism...

Obvious oblivious humanity religious
Reptiles agiles overkill evolved
Monkeys prowlers frowning framing
I hate us, we hate me, ours to hate us is we all, aren't we?

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Written about Thursday 2008-07-31
Written: (4320 days ago)


The anti-doctrine
The moment to forget
This is the machine
The apparatus that make sinister propositions

This is the quotas
The manslaughter blind
This is fuel
This is the time to cast out straight ahead and just die

I am Demon
I am Sermon, I am Failure

I am Sloth
I am Cruelty and Devotion

And you felt lord Satan's touch
And you met the façade that you clutch
And you fought the war of such
Thus your face still ache this much

You walk and you walk
but you find nothing but ashes and ruins
You complain and you talk
But the nothingness is your lifetime harvest

And you received Satan's bless
And you met the façade that you dress in
And you fought the war of stress
and the face that you possess

It is feast and harvest times
It's been ages since redeem
And we breed and breed and breed
And we scream and scream and scream and...

A moment of truce
A still second of decay
This is hate
This is love rejected and life neglected

This is the Devil
This is Remorse
A silent war
This is the death note that we all endorse

This is the world
It is
This is the machine

I do not exist
Nor am I a Dream or an Idea

I am what I am not
I am what fear fears

This is man corrupted
This is fear impersonated
Global massdeceit and muted
craven lords of their own insignificance

Makers and mislead
Creators of morbid wits
This is the machine
This is our final days to come and to end

This is the world
It is
This is the machine

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Written about Wednesday 2008-05-28
Written: (4384 days ago)


Here comes the hollow
The dark place now swallow
the ground where you follow
The narrow path of the virtuous

It seems quite a fair life-judgement nightmare
It qualifies for enclosing our eyes
From despair, the slumber, our dreams naked bare
In prayers we whore for the stargaze that we share

The wingless demon shreds abstracts and beings
of underworldly suffering, venoms and seeings

Disguised in serenity
Our worshipped obscenity
We are all one frantic delusive identity

The fear that you fear is a nothing
A thread of unbalance
A shearing in splinters
of cosmic tales


Ignorance affiliates to the dusk signs
Greed, Cynism, Disease, Sloth, Enslavement and Fraud
Children imprisoned in glass hives
breathe cynism, ease moths to crave the human flaw

Now come the hollow
A dark place is shallow
The grounds where you follow
The endless path of the already dead

Its god beheaded, in the soil embedded
Killes heroes as vermin and plague
Its demons shredded, virgins were wedded
Children were leaded, as soldiers they're dreaded

The marionettes kept spreading deceit
And we keep swallowing it all, our decree

Embrace the hollow
Your face turmoil shallow
Start chanting and follow
The pavement of the sinner

It seems that the bride with legs outspread wide
Fucks none but divine horny swans
But with the tide, we'll have to abide
We can't run and hide from the stride cyanide

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Written about Wednesday 2008-05-28
Written: (4384 days ago)


I can feel your angry sorrow
Horror, and the spirit hollow

I can eat your violet shade
Follow your path and your violent raid

I can swallow all of your lust
I can kneel before a pile of dust

Twinkle twinkle, little star
How we wonder, what we are

Cruelty is truth
A true perverted revelation

I emerge from disreality
From disrespect and from duality
Seldom loved, always too cruel
Known to hate and to the hateful fuel

I am the deceitful smile
I am too the earthly vile
Cruelty, it's not ignorant
and against naive it'll rant

I can touch your pride and grace
But I can not tell your race

Mammals are not like diseases
It it sickness it releases

It's imprisoned, as is lust
We all kneel before a pile of dust

Twinkle twinkle, little star
How we wonder, what we are

None can see the obvious
There is no shine upon us

We live in abandonment
We all have the human scent

There is love in hate and lust
There is truth where cruel is just

Twinkle twinkle, little star
How we wonder, what we are

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Written about Wednesday 2008-05-28
Written: (4384 days ago)

The Chaos Cathedral

Rays of sunshine in the shade
casts its lifeforce on the evergrowing plague of the soil
It creeps up inside the bodies in decay
Mothering the seeds of filthy crops

Fallen stones of earthly grains
feeds the earth in heretical harmony
Blunt faith catacombs opens

Born to face a dawn of grief
Sealed by bricks of arid hate
Portends of a genocide
brought by humans upon man

Fictive host of tales and lies
Hereby stated as demise
Judging souls and lives and pledge
to the dire shepherd scourge

Craven thralls, indoctrination
Haunts of hymns of conspiration
Tales of tragic suicides
brought upon the bliss of man

Slaughter, feast and then the dead
Scattered by the beast in red
Punished are the lost but loved
in the dire shepherd scourge

Shards of chaos in the veins
casts its madness on the everknowing enticed minds
It creeps up inside the sinister wound
Fathering the seeds of herecy

Fallen hights in demonic lights
feeds the pale soul in chaotic anthems
Blind faith harvest cradles

Born to face a world of greed
Ignorant and full of fear
All the lies and pain deluges
Forms the human crown upon the world

Mourning temple, static greed
Chaos church of cryptic speach
It cuts you open like a sow
Mortifies the severed sight

Infected by hellish razors
Curses rain and mist and blackness
The subtle faith is appalling

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Written about Wednesday 2008-05-28
Written: (4384 days ago)
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'Tis the greatest truth that will ever be known
The revelation of the true creation
The simple pattern that floats through existance
in worlds an exquisite romantic subsistence

Truths, facts and verities - all irregularities
Cannot be symbolized in similaities
For dogma stated as corporate property
alike the seductive thrall bait crop all dirty

In bliss we're walking, we wandering dead souls
Without ever knowing for what cause

Embracing tenets as life-laws without flaws
You put yourself in a cage
Adapt to madness to gain plastic gladness
You'll end up bathing in rage

Look in the mirror, what do you see?
What will stare back at you, smiling with glee?
Sentenced to rot and to forever be
a slave anonymous, a trivial flea

The ultimate inferior insignificant
is the sole average cipher
That is the tragic sad being, the dead chant
The anthem of the restless lifer

Crawlers, we man-born, to duties and vows
to sadistic blindness and hopes
Never reach further than the bond allows
Never break free from the ropes

We are duality, we are divided
There is no substance in light
But to determine whereto we are guided
The shadow must stand for our might

Since we are colourblind, we can't be artists
Our minds just shape small prison cells
And as we're violent we're loving with our fists
We hide in protective shells

Next time we'll deny
all that we did lie about
What we sought
to bring upon the human thought

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Written about Thursday 2008-03-27
Written: (4446 days ago)
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A wild child, a little cyborg incarnate
An anti-cosmic brutal carnival
Atheists and a howling red garnet
An imaginary fairytale canal

The child breakes it's bonds that were knit too tight to cut
Cast into the shadows onto thorns pierced through his gut

Wicked, sickened, thickened are the tunes that are revealed
Singing from the flute and from the lips that should be sealed

It is forever and it is never
Oh, it is clever!
It is all that was ever meant to be

Neverland, the everland
The fertile kingdom so entirely grand
Come to seek and to understand
the greatness of the new command

Best incarnate, the foreverworld
Shaped from all the stars that swirled
Forged to mend a scar of bedlam
To cleanse out the human sham

Yet to come is judgement day
And to some the grudge meant paying
debt to life and bliss redeem
Although death unlikely seemed

All for you, I burn the map of home
Let's cleanse out this earthly dome
Together we shall rule and dwell
To all sins we bid farewell

A cherub, an antidote
To the poisoned words from throats
From tongues of men and false deceivers
Let remain but true believers

Angels spit their songs upon the deaf ears and the mad
As the mortals long for cures for all that makes them sad

Fragments from a better world cast sparkles in the shade
But no matter what we trust in or believe, it's human-made

The city below is black and cold
And the nightmares seems so old
What is it that breakes the ice?
That separates the men from mice?

As the warmth drains out and all the dread and fear grows bigger
You are well aware of what will not be when you pull the trigger

Stabbing your knife into a priest or a rapist doesn't matter
You can call yourself a saint too, eventually all will scatter

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Written about Thursday 2008-03-27
Written: (4446 days ago)


Mocking trickster in valor soaked
Your retina is choked

Monstrous quill inking shade
on the vast mirror decade

For the witch holds the baton
and the wizard sets the con

Flashing flames amaze the audience
All is chaos, there's no sense

Wicked, tricked, obedient
Now add the last ingredient

Terror, laughter, ignorance
Fueling the wizard's dance

Ink-symbolic signs of enticement - a blasphemy
Grip the hearts of slaves under the conman tyranny
For no soul is white enough to flee the stains of gaze
upon black taboo arts of amusement color blaze

Frequently delusioned, metals in their spine
Shards of light through flesh and bone
and lameness for the swine

Hypocrite illusions, cruelty corrupting
Settling down in hearts of cogs
in the wheel of cynic disrupting

Let the curtains fall and see
Magic and the trickery

Strip your minds of boundaries
and release the humming fleas

The orchestral crescendo escalates
Let us open up the gates

The viewers gasp, they open wide
They can not escape this ride

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Written about Thursday 2008-03-27
Written: (4446 days ago)

Live And Let Rot

There will be no gratitude for the
heroic, life-giving self-sacrifice that you
seem to have currently obliged to the
hypocrite bliss-life of kindness and purity

Cold at heart, we build fires
to comfort our heritage lies
Passions of earthly desires, though,
are cold and transparent before our eyes

No man inherit the curse of the cure
The cause of the curse of deliverance
No living thing can deny that the roots
slowly grow tighter and tighter
and constrain the trance

Romantic herecy in dusk of the (b)light
Hereby we state that Eden is in sight

The Will is dead
Our skill is Dread

None will reward deeds of love
rather than punish those of hate
Live and let decay grow roots
in the soil of the ever-rottening misery
(man)kind of plague

Let go of trust, doubt and fear of the
madness, malevolent creatures that
all of us are

None will reward deeds of care
Just punish the crimes of stealth, lust and greed
On satisfaction we glare
Indoctrined we deny our existencial need

Ergo ego summon will!

Frown on the bliss
Yearn for a kiss from the
ultimate ruler, the tyrrant
His halo infects us all in our minds

(Godsent or mudscent?
A cure for the filth)

It is a waste of deliberate blindness to
lay eyes upon the new fictive sollution, the
crude mass delusion carved from the remains
of the old life act retribution

Cold by the steel that we forge us to cut
through the tissue of life-giving veins
Sold by the eager to gorge for the gut
inside layers of skin, bonds and chains

No man hear whispers of whishes
The witchcraft of which we are hereby accused
No living thing can defy it
It slowly grows louder and louder
until it falls down onto determination

Erotic blasphemies in the dawn
Thus we are evolution’s spawn

Our strong Will is dead
The only skill left is our Dread

”Shake the foundation
Mock the creation”

(It is a transformation
to conquer desperation)

Slumber in the change, in despair
Apathy, fear to ever dare
questioning what’s right and fair
Questioning why to even care

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Written about Tuesday 2007-12-18
Written: (4546 days ago)

A Mindless Hunk Of Meat

When was the last time you burned a teddy bear?
When did you last perform an abortion?

Did you pity that hunk of meat, cute life so unperverted
or did you want to be granted love for bravery?
Did you think an unlit light would feel betrayed, deserted?
No, I don't give a shit about your luxury

Never sees the eyes not open
that which not concern it's crude
mind that can not feel or think nothing

If your daughter, raped by boars
came home to the godsent dinner
As if slaughtered, like the whores
her face grows more pale and thinner

It is meat, that is cruel
to a girl who cannot love yet
Overpopulated, true
Still the world cannot accept

When did you realize you were a burden?
When did you first get your own?

Did you see the holocaust of children, all so many
and did you truly want that to be ceased?
No, it's not moral, it's not even sanity
Most of all, the pain should be eased

Never sees the eyes not open
that which not concern it's crude
mind that can not feel or think nothing

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Written about Tuesday 2007-12-18
Written: (4546 days ago)

The Inventor

I invented misery
I came up with wrath
I presented cruelty
and I traded sloth

I designed the belt that whipped your
back sore as a child
I created cold, sharp steel for
housewives going wild

I'm now working on a project
of extinction and demise
All of mankind can't reject
the fiction and the lies

Inventor, shaper, creator
Waker, brutal metaphor
for the greed, all that we feed on
in our frigid search for a lead

Brawlers towards the hand
that feeds you
Crawlers beneath the sand
that breeds you

Follow me into the era of new intentions

I injected holocaust
in humanity
I selected sickness, cast
the curses for delivery

I malformed the crudeness that the
animals perform
and made it the rudeness that the
human race has formed

I molested molest itself
to gain my goal
I detested forests of wealth
Burned them to coal

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Written about Tuesday 2007-12-18
Written: (4546 days ago)

The Clay

Over the horizon I hear a madman shriek
He's trapped between his dreams and this Reality
He vocalizes the limbo of the freaks
The helplessness, the disrupting sanity

But I've built a castle, a keep of dreams and will
of all the lost imaginations of that which isn't me
The true desires burns within me still
Around me I shape the nature that will ever be

The world does not revolve
It's just frantically leaning back and forth
Your sway is never noticed, because you cannot solve
the jigsaw puzzle Life, as it's been deluged in the draught

I shape the things to come
by will and treat and curse
This fantastic way of living never occured to some
They simply live by what they fit into their lifeless purse

Again the madman roars
in vain and in his pounding agony
His voice grow thin and hoarse
and soon he cannot longer ease insanity

As every day pass by
Never does the story tell my fortune
So I make my own true lie
Instead of shrieking endlessly this sore tune

As some run out of clay
Their sun sets and they fall back in the stream
Cry and bleed it out you may
But no one's ever gonna give you back your dream

Cut it out, your own puzzle game
With jigsaw, with any fundament
Make sure you always keep the same
Because this gift is from your most blissful dreams ascent

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Written about Tuesday 2007-12-18
Written: (4546 days ago)

The Gun From The Cradle

Yesterday I slit my wrist
On this night I broke a pledge
Today I struggle to exist
Tomorrow I'll probably be dead

I was born with a Glock in my hand
I was set to sail from a dock in the sand

When I left the womb and went away
I ran on the pavement on my way to Life Academy
There were bluntheads all the way down
Inside I could hear a devastating sound

Indoctrines went through my one ear
and came out the other
Passing thoughts of desperate fear
Murder, hate, I didn't bother

I was born with a Glock in my hand
I was set to sail from a dock in the sand

My old man and mommy went away
I saw them on the pavement on my way to Hate Academy
They were blunted down with bullets through their heads
On that day my last hope came to shreads

Yesterday I slit my wrist
On this night I broke a pledge
Today I struggle to exist
Tomorrow I'll probably be dead

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Written about Tuesday 2007-12-18
Written: (4546 days ago)

Hell's Doorbell

We were never good,
so what's with the blunt expectations?
Exorcise us, you should,
to rid your head from depravation
Suicide on sickness aid
Like genocide with pesticide
Mending scars that never were
You're pretending like you care

Need exceeding with the feeding
on the cattle that you're breeding
Crude the square that never was
where you imprison you cause

I am no slave of your hypocrisy
I'm not the one in denial
I am not bred to be framed
or fed to be put on your sale

On the pavement that leads to Hell
We're the filthy ones on your doorbell

I will start a revolution
I will show your true demise
Hope this be a retribution
I do not apologize
I shoot cops to break your trust
I keep silent in my crust
It's a rough road out of Hell
It's an infinite struggle to break this shell

The need exceeds with the feeding
It's a fight to even breathe
Your soul never visited Hell
Therefore I'll keep ringing the bell

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