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Written about Saturday 2007-01-13
Written: (4634 days ago)

K iv decided to build a wiki, but as most who know me know i have little to no time to manage a wiki. thus i am looking for a person(s) to manage and minorly construct on it while im away. If your interested in helping me pleae message me i will eventually get back to you on everythign the wikis about. ill need credentials of course proving you can handle a wiki and not just a fuck off wanting to have you name in the co owners spot

thank you, adriel

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Written about Thursday 2006-12-14
Written: (4664 days ago)

fuck you fuck this fuck the world. you know why? because i quit. iv tried everything, and yet everyone i love and care for (and those i dont) endlessly screw me over like im some kind of worthless trash whore or something. i mean would your mother tell you you were a mistake. yup "pill baby. couldnt go to college beause i was pregnant with you. now im stuck in this sespool with no way out" would some one who claimed to be your best friend sleep with your fiance? and! and! then try to say it was all my fault in the first place. then she expected my to stay bestist best buddies with her HA HA HA beat down bitch! but then me and my fiance some made it through he goes and sleeps with 6 other girls and gu;ouo;g
damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 icant even write any more not it was helping much anyways, ontop of everything my sonsgrandmother on his fathers side is trying to take him from me simply because she doesnt like me... keeps telling dhs a bunch of lies dammit i cant this anymore i just cant

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Written about Monday 2005-07-11
Written: (5185 days ago)
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88:::::::::::888::::8888888 88888888888 8888888
__________88888888:::::8::::::::::::::::8 8888888 888888888888
________888_8:::888888:::::::::::::: :::::::::::8 8888888888___888
___________88:::::88888888:::::: m::::::::::::::8 8888888888____8
_________888888888888888888:M:::: ::::::::::::888 8888888888
________88888888888888888888:::::::::: :::::::M88 888888888888
________8888888888888888888888:::::: :::::::M8888 888888888888
_________8888888888888888888888::::: :::::M888888 888888888888
________8888888888888888::88888::::: ::::M8888888 8888888888888
______88888888888888888:::88888:::: ::::M888888888888888___8888
_____8888888888888888 8:::88888::::::M:::::;o*M*o;888888888____88
____8 8888888888888888:::8888:::::::M:::::::::::: ::::::88888888____8
___88888888888888888::::88::: ::::::M:;:::::::::: :::::::::888888888
__8888888888888888888:::8::::: ::::M::::aAa:::::: ::::::M8888888888_______8
__88___8888888888::88:: ::8::::::::M::::::::::::: :::::::888888888888888_8888
_88__88888888888:::8: :::::::::::::M:::::::::::;: :::::::88:88888888888888888
_8__8888888888888:::: ::::::::::::M::::@@@@:::::: ::8w8888888888888888
__88888888888:888::::::::::: ::::M:::::::@a@::::: ::M8i888888888888888
_8888888888::::88::::::::::: ::::M888:::::::::::: :::::M88z88888888888888888
8888888888:::::8:::::: ::::::::::M88888:::::::::: ::MM888!888888888888888888
888888888:::::8::::::: :::::::::M8888888MAmAMVMM8 8*88888888___88888888
888888_M::::::::::::::::::: :::M888888888:::::::: :MM8888888888888___8888888
8888___M:::::::::::::: :::::::M88888888888::::::: MM88888888888888____88888
_888___M::::::::::::::: :::::M8888888888888M::::: mM888888888888____888
__888__M::::::::::::::::::: M8888:8888888888888:: :m::Mm8888_8888___888
___88__M::::::::::::::::::: 8888:8888888888888888 :::::::::Mm8___8888___888
___88__M::::::::::::::: :8888M::88888::8888888888 88::::::::::Mm8888____88
___8___MM:::::::::::::88 88M::::8888:::::88888888 8888::::::::::::Mm8_____4
_______8M::::::::::::88 88M:::::::888::::::::88:: :8888888::::::::::::::Mm_____2
______88MM:::::::: :8888M::::::::::88:::::::::8:: :::888888:::::::::M::::::M
_____8888M:::::::::888 MM::::::::::::8::::::::::: :M::::8888:::::::::::M::::M
____88888M:::::::::88 :M:::::::::::::::8::::::::: ::::M:::8888::::::::::::M::M
___88_888MM::::::888 :M:::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::M:8888::::::::::::::M:
___8_88888M::::::88:: M:::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::MM:88:::::::::::::::::M
_____88888M::::::8 8::M:::::::::::::::::*88*::::: :::::::M:88::::::::::::::::::::M
____888888M::::: :88::M:::::::::::::::88@@88::::: :::::M::88:::::::::::::::::::::M
____888888MM:::: 88::MM:::::::::::::88@@88::::::: ::::M::::8:::::::::::::::::::::*8
____88888__M::: :::8::MM:::::::::::::::*88*:::::::::::::M::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::88@@
____8888___MM:::::::::MM: ::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::MM:::::::::::::::::::::::::::88@@
_____888_ ___M:::::::::::MM:::::::::::::::::::::: :::::MM::M::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::*8
_____8 88____MM:::::::::::MMM:::::::::::::::::::: :MM::::MM:::::::::::::::::::::::::M
______88_____ M:::::::::::::MMMM::::::::::::MMMM: :::::::MM:::::::::::::::::MM
_______88____MM::::: ::::::::::MMMMMMMMMMM::::::: ::::::MMM:MMM
________88____MM::::::::::::::::::: MMMMM:::::::: :::::::::::MMMMMMMMM
_________88___8MM::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::MMMMMM
__________8___88MM: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::M:::M:::::::::::MM
______________888MM:::::::::::::::::::::::::::MM ::::::::MM::::::MM
_____________88888MM:::::::::: ::::::::::::MMM::: ::::::mM:::::MM
_____________888888MM:::::::::::: :::::::MMM:::::::::::::MMM::M
____________8888888 8MM::::::::::::::::MMM::::::: :::::::::MM:::M
___________88_8888888M::::::::::: ::MMM:::::::::: :::::::::::M::::M
___________8__888888_M::::::::: :MM:::::::::::::: ::::::::::::M::::M:
______________888888_M::::::: :M::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::M:::::MM
_____________888888__M:::::: :M:::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::M
_____________888888__M::: ::::M::::::::::::::@::: ::::::::::::::::::::M
_____________88888___M::::: ::::::::::::::::@@::: ::::::::::::::::::::M
____________88888___M:::::: ::::::::::::::@@@:::: :::::::::::::::::::M
___________88888___M:::::::: :::::::::::::@@::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::M
__________88888___M::::: :m::::::::::::::@::::::: ::::::::Mm::::::::::::M
__________8888___M::::::M ::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::MM::::::::::::M
_________8888___M:::: ::M:::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::MMM:::::::::::::M
________888____M::::: :Mm:::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::MMM::::::::::::::::M
______8888____M:::::: :Mm:::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::MMMM:::::::::::::::::M
_____888______M::::::: M::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::MMM:::::::::::::::::::::::M:
__8888_______M:::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :MM:::::::::::::::::::::::::::Mn
_____________M:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::M:::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::Mn
____________M::::::::::m::::::::: ::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MM
____________M:: ::::::::M:::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MM
___________M::: :::::::::M::::::::::::::::::M:::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::MM
___________M:::: :::::::::M88:::::::::::::M:::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::MM
__________M::::::::::::::8888888888 M:::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::MM
__________M::::::::::: :::::88888888M:::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::MM
___________M::::::::: :::::::::888888M::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::MM
___________M:::::::: :::::::::::88888M::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::MM
___________M::::::::: :::::::::::::88M::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::MM
___________M::::::::: ::::::::::::::::M:::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::MM
___________MM::::::::: :::::::::::::M:::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::MM
____________M:::::::::::: ::::::::::M:::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::MM
____________MM:::::::::::: ::::::::M::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::MM
_____________M::::::::::::::: :::::M::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::MM
_____________MM::::::::::::::: ::M::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::MM
______________M:::::::::::::::::M ::::::::::::::: :::::::::::MM
______________MM:::::::::::::::M::: ::::::::::::: :::::::::MM
_______________M:::::::::::::::M::::: ::::::::::: ::::::::MM
_______________MM::::::::::::M:::::::: :::::::::: ::::::MM
________________M::::::::::::M:::::::::: :::::::: :::::MM
________________MM::::::::::M:::::::::::: ::::::: :::MM
_________________MM::::::::M::::::::::::::: ::::: :M M
_________________MM:::::::M:::::::::::::::::::: : MM
__________________MM:::::M:::::::::::::::::::: MM
__________________MM::::M::::::::::::::::::::M M
_____ _______________MMM::::::::::::::::MM
____________ ________MM:::::::::::::::::MM
___________________ __M::::::::::::::::MM
____________________MM::::: ::::::::::MM
____________________MM:::::::::::::: :MM
___ _________________mMM::::MM:::::MMM
______________ _______MMM::::::::::::::M:M
_____________________ mMM:::M:::::::::M:M
______________________MM::MMM M:::::M:M
______________________MM::MMM::::::::M: M
_____ __________________MM::MM::::::::::M:M
___________ ____________MM::MM:::::::::::M:n
________________ _______MM:::M:::::::::::::MM
____________________ ___MMM::::::::::::::::::M:
______________________ _MMM::::::::::::::::::M:
_______________________M MM:::::::::::::::::::M
_______________________MMM :::::::::::::::::::M
_______________________MMM:: :::::::::::::::::Mn
________________________MM::: ::::::::::::::::MM

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Written about Wednesday 2005-06-22
Written: (5204 days ago)

If you like goth youll love this place!


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Written about Friday 2005-06-03
Written: (5223 days ago)
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Just something i wrote off hand, n big deal really...

Im a soldier
Born to stay
I get by
Ill be alright
(Its time to stand)
Save your tears for a day
When the pain is far behind
(Its time to move on)
On your feet
Follow me
We are soldiers in the line
(Dont be afraid)
Save your tears
Take your place
Save them for the judgement day
(So it begins)
We still breath
Follow me
Time to make the sacrafice
Your eyes on fire
Im a soldier
Born to stay
In this living hell I am
Wittnessing more than I can compute
Pray myself we dont forget
Lives betrayed and we are friends
Please me strenth to be held true
We are flames in the fire together
It feeds on our salvation

Its not exactly done but I cant really think of a finish for it so... i just figured Id put what i had on here and get the rest later

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Written about Monday 2005-04-25
Written: (5262 days ago)
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Written about Monday 2005-04-04
Written: (5283 days ago)


i have stopped watching any and all houses bc i just dont have the time to lokk at them all (though i wish i did!) and the links just get in the way, if you have any thing you wish me to see just message and let me know! your welcome to keep watching my house (that is if you are if not just ignore this part, but if your not watching my house... then howed you get this entry...) NE Wayz when i have more time to spare ill start watching houses again
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Written about Monday 2005-04-04
Written: (5283 days ago)

I could have done this in Japanese but i wanted everyone to be able to read it.

Angels and demons were circling above me
Swishing thruogh the hardships and milky ways
The only one who doesn't know the happiness
is the one who couldn't understand his call
I am Calling Calling now, Spirits rise and falling
To stay myself longer...
Calling Calling, in the depth of longing
To stay myself longer...
Stand alone... Where was life when it had a meaning...
Stand alone... Nothing's real anymore and...
...Endless run...
While I'm alive, I can try not to fall while flying,
Not to forget how to dream... how to love
...Endless run...
Calling Calling, For the place of knowing
There's more that what can be linked
Calling Calling, Never will I look away
For what life has left for me
Yearning Yearning, for what's left of loving
To stay myself longer...
Calling Calling now, Spirits rise and falling
To stay myself longer...
Calling Calling, in the depth of longing
To stay myself longer...

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Written about Wednesday 2005-03-30
Written: (5288 days ago)

Hola ppl sry i havent been on in like for ever (net got turned off..) but im back now!!!! yay me!

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Written about Wednesday 2005-03-02
Written: (5316 days ago)

food for thought:

Why do we kill all the catapillars and then wonder why theres no butterflies?

 The logged in version 

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