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Written about Sunday 2010-09-19
Written: (3655 days ago)

my old computer died T.T so I just now got a new one ^^ yay, I love my new computer lits and lots, sorry to anyone who noticed I've been gone (yeah...right, missed me, that could happen)

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Written about Sunday 2010-08-08
Written: (3697 days ago)
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I officially won my first WF short story contest. here's the story uploaded to ET so you all can read and enjoy it: Susan

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Written about Sunday 2010-08-08
Written: (3698 days ago)

I'm so excited, I'm finally starting to feel validated for all the hard work I've put into my writing. I'm going to win a Writing Forums short story contest for the first time! ^^ It's a great feeling since I've gotten close seconds and total failures before.

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Written about Thursday 2010-08-05
Written: (3701 days ago)

Well, I'm slow to update on here, anyways about a month ago Angela broke up with me because her feelings weren't progressing. Oh well, there were at least seven reasons why it wouldn't have worked with her. most notable being she would have driven me insane with her OCD.

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Written about Thursday 2010-07-15
Written: (3722 days ago)

I just finished two anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Code Geass. Gurren Lagann was incredible and highly recomended to all guys who want to learn how to say awesome inspiring things theat don't actually make much sense. I don't recommend Code Geass to anyone who values their sanity. it was so sad. I'll admit it was good, poetic, incredible, but horribly depressing at the same time.

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Written about Monday 2010-07-12
Written: (3725 days ago)

Why am I writing a Diary when I criticize others for doing so, because I see it as kinda stupid? idk, guess I was wrong, I find writing things out can be rather helpful in some cases, maybe I'll enjoy this. Like the one time I did a blog on WF, it did help me get some ideas out and other memebers gave some nice advice, useless but nice, I liked the sentiment and sense of belonging it gave me.

Okay anyway, I'm really anxious these days... Angela is really great, smart funny cute and she has feelings for me, but she has made it clear we aren't really dating yet, that labels are not to be attached, I also brought up the future once when we were chatting and it made her really uncomfortable, now I'm worried, I don't know how to woo her and we're running out of casual places to hang out and just idly chat. gaaaaaah!

See, all better ^^

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