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Written about Thursday 2009-10-29
Written: (3870 days ago)

I'm felling lost and want to cry......

I use to love being on here but every one for got about me......

I fell like I'm not apart of the friends on here any more...

And I really want only one thing this Christmas and I know there a lot I keep saying but well I want a BFF and friend..... Some one who wants to hang out with me. I miss that. I have Peter and my and his family and his friends and I love Star and Jess but I want a true and BFF once more...... I miss that really BAD

And well I going to say this every day of every year from 8th grad I wanted Sherry back. But the last two years I stop praying for that. There no point. I see and can tell she has her own life and I'm not apart of it any more like I use to be. I fell well like I was erase/replace from it.

I'm sorry I just been really missing her because Halloween all ways make me think if her. I all so been thinking about how when we were younger we said some day we would live together and go to college together and now I see that thats not going to happen. I wish I could have grown up like her. Maybe I would be happy and marry and have friends. Don't get me wrong I'm happy.

But... Only if she knew how much she means to me. She was and all ways be my lost sister.......

I'm sorry for saying this but I been fining my self and and been learning to let out how you truly fell.

I do any thing to have her back *Sorry if that sounds gay.....* I just miss her she all ways been the only one in my life who was a friend well more than a friend to me.

I do fell like the fallen angel and the one who been for got about..........

Well sorry for putting this on here just I know no one reads them.....

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Written about Monday 2009-09-21
Written: (3908 days ago)

So I think this is my last diary on here....

Sorry for not wanting to be a part of elftown any more... I have my reasons 

I have to say life going good and better been selling Avon and going to college in winter *and for real this time* Getting marry Oct. 31 2010

Have my puppy Blue and family getting a long here.

Made new BFF Star, Mary and Jess they are the best in the world they want to be my friend and care about my fellings miss that.

Peter getting his car Oct.3 can't wait were wanting to take a trip and he ask me were I want to go and ect. well..... I want to see New York want to meet his family there and in New Jersey as well. So I think after winter well do that.

Peter's band getting more known every day make me happy ^.^

SO just want to let you all know I'm doing good in life and happy. Yeah get down here and there but that life we all have our break downs...

Well with love and make your dreams ROCK

Danielle *Kid Raven*

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