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Written about Thursday 2007-08-02
Written: (4592 days ago)

[For my friends and everyone]

Spread your wings with pride
Go on, have fun, and live your life
Reach out, and try to touch the sky
Enjoy today
Live for tommorow
Don't regret your past mistake
Learn your lesson
Then move on
Learn, Live, Laugh, Love
Be who you are
Nothing more, nothing less

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Written about Tuesday 2007-02-06
Written: (4770 days ago)

What If...? - by [Kitara Softpaw]

What if I said
     I wanna be with you?
What if you knew
     you are my world?
What if I said
     I think I love you?

Would you ask me
     to be your girl?

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Written about Wednesday 2007-01-24
Written: (4783 days ago)
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Feedback please:

Night-Times At College
It's the night before classes
And all through the dorm
All the students are sleeping
No, that's not the norm
They all are out drinking
Or some having sex
Come those 8'o'clock classes
Then they will regret
Everything they did
The nighttime before
While they were behind
Those closed dormroom doors

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Written about Monday 2006-10-23
Written: (4876 days ago)
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Always Create Your Own Dreams & Live Life To The Fullest

Dreams can come true
if you take the time to
think about what you want in life
Get to know yourself
Find out who you are
Choose your goals carefully
Be honest with yourself
Find many interests and pursue them
Find out what is important to you
Find out what you are good at
Don't be afraid to make mistakes
Work hard to achieve successes
When things are not going right
don't give up - just try harder
Give yourself freedom
        to try out new things
Laugh and have a good time
Open yourself up to love
Take part in the beauty of nature
Be appreciative of all that you have
Help those less fortunate than you
Work towards peace in the world
Live life to the fullest
Create your own dreams and
follow them until they are a reality
          - Susan Polis Schutz

[Note:] A poem off of a bookmark I got today at the Vern Book Fair. Format copied as exactly as possible.

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Written about Thursday 2006-10-19
Written: (4879 days ago)
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"Through life you will find that your love, like everyone's, is scattered between the people you care for and everything that means something good to you. However, once or twice, you'll find something that you hold so dear it commands your entire love, and then some you never knew you had. Something so precious that it could never be replaced. Something you couldn't imagine losing and then living without. Something that you feel should never be lost."

The Guardian Vesuvius - Chapter 3: The Fools Errand - [MissionGenocide]

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Written about Thursday 2006-05-18
Written: (5034 days ago)
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Mood War! (Between Josh -[Balthizar]-, PED -[PureEvilDemon]- & I -[Kitara Softpaw]-)

Josh: I have Gatorade*ish happier*
Me: Gatorade? Can I have some?
Josh: ...Anne..she asked me for Gatorade...
PED: *chuckles* I don't think you're getting any Acorna
Me: *sighs*Ah man*takes out Propel* I like this better
Josh: Gatorade is better*sticks out tongue*
Me: Not if you won't share-Propel's Healthier
Josh: *cradles Gatorade*its ok..she doesnt mean that
PED: *whimpers* We're all out of Orange Juice... T-T
Me: Well, see, G. made me sick when I was running once

(And here Claire -[Clairey]- joined)

Claire: What is Gatorade?And Can I have some?
Josh: *hands Anne Orange Juice*
Claire: Drink water, its healthy
Me: Propel is flavored water w/nutrients

(Here the bell rang and I had to go. But I was on later and Josh got back on.)

Josh: Gatorade...I drank it all>.<"
Me: Ah, Josh, why do you have to be like that?
Josh: I miss my Gatorade...
Me: Aw, poor thing *hands Gatorade*

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Written about Monday 2006-05-15
Written: (5037 days ago)

MOOD WAR (Between Josh -[Balthizar]- & I -[Kitara Softpaw]-)

(I noticed that Josh had a rather interesting Mood...)

Josh: *summons WAffle minions*

(And here he sent me the message "Hey You!" thereby causing me to tentively declare a Mood War!)

Me: Waffle Minions???

(And here Josh informs me that we are in a Mood War.)

Josh: *waffle minions do Ritual Dance*
Me: *summons special Cat battalions* They like waffles
Josh: *waffles frown and grab nuding knives*
Me: *cats* Nuding knives??
Josh: *waffles nods*
Me: *cats w/respect*Join forces and attack the peoples?
Josh: *waffles nod*Death to the people...save the few
Me: Which few?
Josh: Me,you,Rayne and PED
Me: Claire and Mike too?
Josh: ..do I get Muffins?
Me: Of course. I'll have to steal some though...
Josh: Can I come?
Me: Yes, but later. I have to go.

(Bell rang.)

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Written about Sunday 2006-05-14
Written: (5038 days ago)

MOOD WAR! (Between Rayne -[raynesprite]- & I -[Kitara Softpaw]-)

(Note that I actually didn't start this one. I just took advantage of an open oppurtinity.)

Rayne: GOOD MORNING TO YOU! X_x...well afternoon XD
Me: Good Afternoon. Can't stay long. Mom Day!
Rayne: yep I know same here ^_^
Me: Sorry If I'm slow-Checking RPs
Rayne: its fine :3 Im drawing ^_^
Me: Hmm...*looks thoughfully at grenades in her hands*
Rayne: >3 WAHAHAHAHA *loads cannon*
Me: *looks between cannon & grandes* Could be bad...
Rayne: then let it be war X3 RAR lol
Me: *Mrow!* *calls cat minions*
Rayne: *summons undead gummibear army*
Me: *cats lick lips and advance on gummi-bears*

(And here came PED -[PureEvilDemon]- to join the fun!)

PED: What...wha...? Undead gummibears?
Rayne: *gummies raise their pointy pointy spears of doom*
Me: *calls temp truce* Yes, PED, we are having a war.

(And here Acorna has no idea what happened because her parents got home and kicked her offline.)

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Written about Saturday 2006-05-13
Written: (5039 days ago)
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MOOD WAR (Between Rayne -[raynesprite] & I -[Kitara Softpaw])

Rayne: whos up for a mood war?? <.<...>.>
Me: AH! Me! *tackles Rayne* Can you wait 15 min?

(Here I had to get off because my brother had to download something on the upstairs computer. *curses Dial-Up*)

Me: I'm Back!!! *pokes Rayne* So...Ready??
Rayne: yush *pokes back*
Me: *giggles* So, what is it today?
Rayne: um....<<...>>...*throws water balloon* X3
Me: Ah! *is soaked*tosses goldfish*
Rayne: o0!! goldfish? X3 Lol!
Me: Yes, you know, "The snack that smiles back"?
Rayne: oh that kind :3 *munches*
Me: *munches Skittles* Want some?
Rayne: lol sure ^_^...munch X3 omg what a weird word
Me: *giggles* It is. I've never even thought about it...
Rayne: hehehe have you ever seen the tv show friends? :3
Me: No, well, once or twice. Why?
Rayne: XD! there was a puppet named "Mr. Wigglemunch"
Me: *helpless gales of laughter* What about Crunch?
Rayne: oh goodness @_@! *cant stop laughing*
Me: Look what we did! May I add Squish?
Rayne: X3 Mr. Wigglesquish? LMAO omg that sounds so wrong
Me: Er, maybe just the word "Squish" by itself??
Rayne: oh well thats funny too...but imagine wigglecrunch
Me: *snickers* Hey Josh ^.- We're crazy, did you know?

(This latest was in response to Josh -[Balthizar]- arriving online to say, in his mood, "*Leans against the wall*")

Rayne: I think he knew :3
Me: Well, he knows you. But maybe he didn't know I was.
Josh: Yes I knew^^
Me: *sighs* He just met me & I'm already "crazy"
Rayne: *dances with both of you*
Josh: *dances with*
Me: *throws up hands* Why not? *dances too*

(And here Josh left us, Rayne said she had to go to bed, and I was told I was to do the same.)

Me: GTG Rayne. Tchuss! *huggles*

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Written about Thursday 2006-05-11
Written: (5041 days ago)

MOOD WAR!!! (between Claire -[Clairey]- & I -[Kitara Softpaw]-)

Me: *tackles Claire* Whee!!!
Claire: *Jumps and stands on your shoulders*
Me: *blinks & looks up wavering* You may want down...

(Here Josh -[Balthizar]- changed his Mood to "You know you love me^^". I, to distract myself from my impending collapse, responded, even though I know it wasn't directed at me.)

Me: *looks at Josh* Well, yes, but.....^.-

(And here Claire informed me that she had to go.)

Josh: ^^
Me: *collapses and crawls to her feet*

(And here Josh went back to his moods not directed towards me and this time I decided to ignore him. Hence the war ends quickly!)

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Written about Thursday 2006-05-11
Written: (5041 days ago)

MOOD WAR! (Between Rayne -[raynesprite]- & I -[Kitara Softpaw]-)

(This first part's guestimated, because I wasn't recording it. ^^' I decided to keep a record because it was fun, and because later, if a member got lost, they could catch up what they missed)

Rayne: *pokes Acorna* haha! MOOD WAR!! X3
Me: *dies*resurrects* Pokes are dangerous you know! >.<'
Rayne: I know! That's why they're so fun!
Me: *sighs* Just be careful-not everyone has a Phoenix

(Here's where I actually started recording this crazy thing. >.<')

Rayne: really? >.> I thought phoes were standard?
Me: Nope *pets Pheonix& I raised Nuria from an egg.
Rayne: awww sweet ^.^!! <3<3
Me: Wanna pet? *holds out Nuria*
Rayne: um sure *ear twitches*...
Me: Something wrong? Nuria won't hurt you...
Rayne: ok just wondering ^_^
Me: *chuckles* I wonder if Josh and PED are feeling left out.

(And here PED -[PureEvilDemon]- joined the game.)

PED: Not really, Acorna.
Me: You can play too if you want...
PED: Lol. No, that's okay...

(And here Acorna must apoligize to everyone for dropping abruptly off the face of Elftown. Her parents got home, and she wasn't supposed to be online. Now, having gotten back online, she is tying up this old Mood War and going to try to start another!)

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