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Written about Thursday 2008-05-01
Written: (4535 days ago)

Name: Tsuneko Koneko but you can just call her kitty
Sex; Female
Age: 200 years old but has the ablity to look older at about 18 or as young as 14
Race: vampire
Weight: 170 thick and cuddly
Height: 5’2 small but deadly
Eye Color: Deep Amber with jet black in the middle but when she is angered they turn blood red.
Hair Color: Jet balck hair with white streaks running down the sides
Hair Length: The lower and side parts of her hair is long and runs down her back, the upper back part of her hair is cut short and choppy it flares up when she is in a perfect rage.
Skin Color: Cheery Blossom pale with pink around her cheeks, her lips are cotton candy pink and plump.
Build: She is small but agile, she strikes quick and she walks around softly never making too much noise at all, but when she Is in your presence there is little to do but notice her that is if she wants you to, she hides that she is a curvasious girl with large breasts and hips only when she wants to show herself off will she stalk around.
Weapons: Her sword is called Aterlumen it’s latin for Dark Light it has the power to illuminate even the darkest places or together with Aterlumen Tsuneko has the ablility to cut down anybody or anything in her path, the swords arua feeds off of Tsuneko’s as she grows stronger everyday Tsuneko take’s good care of Aterlumen polishing it constantly never allowing the blood of an enemy taint the blade as it is unworthy.
When Tsuneko hides Aterlumen under her bed she then uses her two favourite guns instead which would be two silver 92 Beretta’s with mother of pearl inlay and distinctive from each other with englossed pictures of a good angel and on the opposite a picture of fallen angel from dante's inferno woodblock images.
Clothing: she wares whatever she likes from sweats to plastic neon skirts as she is always out and about on the street like some child of the night club scene she's always in the height of the fashions or she sometimes likes to wear vintage clothes but whatever she has on it's always cute!
Quote: You face sucker! etc.
Powers: since she's half demon she has the ability of telekenisis and can stop the blood flow to one's heart with a look, when she smiles her little fangs become apparent and she's quite attractive for being a petit girl, she can read people's thoughts and raise herself up the ground to the point where she can fly and jump around the high rises she can balance fantastically for her cat like reflexes she's rather quick always staying on the tips if her toes just incase

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Written about Tuesday 2007-09-25
Written: (4755 days ago)

so i went to the mall
and the boreders express
they got is very small
i went all about and saw
nothing i wanted at all
so to comfort my distress
that was steadily growing
i reached for a book to caress
and my smile started showing
and this is what i purchassed
Anton Szandor LaVey
the satanic bible
very interesting they say
Candide by Voltaire
some of that Enlightenment flair
Maggie, a girl of the streets
by Stephan Crane
all just to ease my pain
and last but not least
A Little Princess
to make my reading enjoyment endless

>>>> Love Kitty <<<<

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