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Written about Friday 2009-04-24
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It is 11:23 pm, on a friday night. Tonight i am going to have a white night, because for one i don't have to wake up tomorrow at a specific time, for two i have so much to do, and so little time, and for three, i work better at night. It's quieter.

I am now, hoping, and praying that sketchup will not crash again...i swear this thing crashes more than it should. Some people would think it's my pc, but considering the pc is fine, and can stand working in max and autocad, i really think it is the program itself.

I am working on the second of the 4 sheets of paper for the school project, and i have to admit i am getting sick of the project theme. I long to draw..it's crazy, but i need to work on this. Might aswell make it look right, right?

I'll write again as soon as i get bored waiting for the program to cooperate.

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