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Written about Thursday 2005-06-16
Written: (5358 days ago)

On the Friday before last I went down to Mold with a few friends to -apparently- celebrate Jims Birthday but I had no idea what was going on, where we where going or who we were supposed to be meeting until we got there. Me, Carmella and James had to get a minibus there from his house and I ended up having to pay £20 for it. Met Bowy's girlfriend Suzanne for the first time and I heard alot of bad things about her but she seemed ok. I was mostly hanging about having a laugh with some guy called Ash who I just met that night, I think he was one of Rhyanne's friends but he was cool. We were just at the pub talking about Star Wars to annoy the Rhy (as you do), playing pool and we were going to sing Bohemian Rhapsody on the karoake but we ended up leaving to go to some club to see a bunch of people I'd never met before and I got mistaken for a girl again by one of the guys we were sitting with. I think it was a 21 and over club but we all managed to get in easily until we went the bar and because I didn't have any ID on me some guy said we'd have to leave but we stayed anyways. The same guy kept coming around but we were there until the place closed. There was some Iggy pop look-alike that Suzanne thought looked more like Kurt Cobain (which he didn't) that kept talking to me and my "harem" as he called them and invited us to some 80's party which we never went to but still, he was fun.
On the way back we got the same minibus home but Jim got into an argument with the driver for overcharging us as he does so I had to pay for that too even thought I'm so cheap.

Not long after that was Carmella's 18th which we pretty much taken over by changing the music to stuff like Killswitch Engage and Trivium. I told Carmella to introduce me to some random people and we met Big Dave (I think thats what we called him). I can't really remember much that happened then other than Jim getting into a fight with some 20 odd year old chavvy guy after he had an argument and broke up with Rhy. That was pretty funny though he came out shouting "You ruined my life!" all because Jim woke up his Son. No need to get into a fight over it and James even apologized to the guy but after being punched in the face for the second time he had enough and ended up kicking the guys ass. It got better after that thought 'cos the guy came around to Carmella's house in his car when he only lived a few seconds away while I was standing outside. We told him he was being an ass and he said he was gonna come around with his friends (HA!).

Damnit why do I always leave it for so long until I write about this crap. I always forget whats happened in my life.

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Written about Saturday 2005-05-14
Written: (5391 days ago)

Last Saturday -yes, LAST saturday, it's taken me a whole week to find the energy to actually write about it- was such a blast! I got to see my friends all together again because we all went the pub to celebrate Lee Doh's 18th Birthday. I went to Lee's a little earlier before we went the pub and he was telling me that

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Written about Wednesday 2005-05-04
Written: (5399 days ago)

Went for a day out to Llandudno for the extravaganza thing on Monday only this year they didn't have the car from Chitty chitty bang bang which was a shame because I was planning on flying away in it. I noticed that they have an Alice in Wonderland centre there this time, I think because thats where Loius Carol wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. They always have a dudey little vicrotian parade there, the whole thing kinda reminds me of Pinocchio. Most of the day I was walking about thinking to myself about nothing in general just whatever found it's way into my head and listening to music. The whole day I was feeling ill (probably from the lack of sleep) so when we went on the fair I thought I'd puke if I went on any of the rides but after going on the Miami trip (whee!) I felt alot better.
Seems like Jordans becoming a little criminal after walking out of a shop with a Gameboy Advanced game which no one had noticed until we left so for the rest of the day I told him that if the Cops catch him he's gonna go to jail. There was a Police woman or security person that kept looking at me so I started winking at her to make her stop which seemed to work - It made me laugh.
On the way back we stopped at Colwyn Bay for a bit but by that time I started getting really bored... glad I went out though I hate being stuck in the house.

I had two people tell me that I look like a girl that day, but a cute girl which I think made the whole thing worse but I still think that was kinda funny.

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Written about Sunday 2005-05-01
Written: (5404 days ago)

Yeah so I went away for the weekend about 2 weeks ago... meh I reallyn can't be bothered typing now so I'll update this later

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Written about Tuesday 2005-04-05
Written: (5430 days ago)

Tue Apr 5, 2005, 11:34 AM
Last night was great, I can only explain it as FRICKEN AWESOME! Rob phoned me while I was in the shower and asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink with him at the Swan Inn so I got a lift up there from Kerry because she was going out with her friends anyway and the Swan was on the way.
When I got there I was ambushed in the toilets and interrogated for ID by Scouse but he was just messing around. I thought I knew him from somewhere, I met him and Bibly at Robs 18th. Everyone was buying me drinks and we were celebrating Robs Mums and Dads Wedding Anniversary so we had champagne too! Rob kept going on about how it tasted like vinegar. A while later some huge guy came in who kept staring at me like a psycho and added a wink after Scouse told me he was gay but I think they were all just joking, he was pretty funny in the end and I kept waving back at him in the taxi. They have the coolest DJ there ever who had a karaoke machine with him! Everyone was trying to get me up there including the chinese guy who kept putting his arm around Rob. Usually I would have too but I didn't know many people there and I hadn't had enough to drink. Scouse and Bibly went up for a few songs and were surprisingly good then before everyone went we all sung #Saturday night at the movies# which freaked me out because I had been thinking about that song earlier on even though I havn't heard it in a few years. There were other coincidences with music, that night when I was trying to sleep I was thinking about a new picture of my Jack Frost character then the theme from the Jack Frost movie came on the alarm radio and they day after my Mum asked me to get her the song #I this the way to Amarillo# which someone was singing on the karaoke and that was the first time I'd ever heard it.
I'll have to go there another time, it was a blast.

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Written about Tuesday 2005-03-29
Written: (5437 days ago)

Mon Mar 28, 2005
I didn't sleep again at all last night and my eyes were stinging like crazy. Rubbing them made it worse but I couldn't help it. Probably wouldn't have got to sleep untill about 8-9ish anyway because the clocks went forward an hour.

I thought it was going be another crappy day but then I found out my Mum and some of my other family were going to Ffrith beach in Prestatyn and so I decided I'd go too. Quite a few went. it was Me, my Mum, my Nan, Jordan (younger Brother), Kerry (Sister), my Aunty Nina, Uncle Rob, Kelly-Marie (Rob and Nina's oldest Daughter), Emma (their second oldest), Lauren (their youngest Daughter), Curtis (their Son), Tag (Kelly's Boyfriend), my Aunty Debbie and Debbie's Daughter Sam.
They had a kite show there and most of them were huge. At first I thought they were for a hot air balloon or something. They had all kinds such as a giant cobra, Garfield, a flock of birds, a scorpion, a turtle and many more. Unfortunately we didn't actually go on the beach, just hung about the fair but they had a Miami ride there so I was happy. Also went on the dodgems, waltzers, ferris wheel and the sizzlers. Can never get enough of the Miami trip! The ferris wheel wasn't great but had a great view of the mountains and the sea.
After a while everyone started feeling sick so that slowed me down a little but in the end I got my Mum, Nina, Debbie, Sam and Emma to ride the Miami which got me a little hyper because my Mum was pretty paraniod about it. Wanted to ride it one last time before we left and I got a seat that someone had puked in (they cleaned it up) so that really sucked but I couldn't stop laughing about it. Why? I don't know!
Got to show off my Tattoo! It's just a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles transfer that I stole from Jordas but it still rocks!

I was so exhausted on the way home! Tag says I fell asleep on his shoulder and started snoring...

I've become so addicted to Jrock lately, especially Malice Mizer and anything related to Mana - my new idol. That's added to my obession with Japan and I've decided to learn Japanese now. I've just bought a 'Eurotalk Learn Japanese CD-ROM' and no matter what it takes I WILL go there one day. I think I'll go to my Nans house later and borrow the video she made from when she went to Japan. She goes on alot of Holidays and god knows how many cruises she's taken. It would be so cool to actually move to Japan one day.

Started playing my guitar alot more lately too, going to start taking that alot more seriously. It's really wierd, I've suddenly started craving fame.

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Written about Tuesday 2005-03-01
Written: (5465 days ago)

My Mum was cutting Jordans hair the other day so I told her to give him a mohawk before she shaved it all off and we took a few pictures too.

My finger has been friggin killin me lately, no, really, like the most painful thing I have ever experienced so I got my Dad to take me to the Hospital last Friday to see what the hell was up with it and doctor started poking it. I found out that it was infected so they gave me some pain killers and antibiotics (Hee antibiotics! that sounds like some 80's cartoon) and told me to go back if it was any worse by Monday. Apparently I got it from biting my nails.
I havn't been able to sleep until after 7am and one night painkillers wear off 2 hours later and my finger wakes me up so that was driving me crazy.

It got ALOT worse so my Mum told me to ask my Dad to take me back on Saturday night but he said I gotta give the antibiotics more time.

By Monday he still wasn't bothered, I never even seen him, he came in, said he'd have a look at it later and then ran back out so my Nan took me and my Mum up there at about 6:30pm and we had to wait for a few hours which felt like an eternity. I had a few books with me though so I did't get too bored while waiting, just caught up on a bit of 'ol folklore and had a laugh with my Mum until I got called in to go see a doctor but then I just had to wait for another hour. Some woman came into the cubicle I was in and started talking to me about what I've been doing lately so I thought she was the doctor but she was with some group called the samaritans.
I was expecting to have my finger lanced which is when they suck out all the poison with a needle but then the doctor came in and told me that he'd be cutting my finger open then went back out to get the equiptment. I was left sitting on the bed laughing to myself although I don't know why because I was terrified by then.
A little while later I hear a trolly coming closer then in comes the doctor again with the strethcy gloves and I see the scalpal so I immediately gripped the bed. First he had to freeze my finger by giving me anesthetic which was only supposed to be two needles but he went and gave me a third damn needle. I could see my finger swelling as he put that crap in me. Next was the really ugly part where he gashed my finger and started squeezing at it to get all the crap out of it and even though my finger was numb I could still feel that. That was sick, I never knew so much blood could come from one finger, it was all over the place. Just when I think it's over he decides to cut my finger open again. A while later my Mum pokes her head around the curtain and I mouthed "SCALPAL!!!" to her, she wouldn't have lasted long if she was in there with me, she doesn't like needles. Not to fond of them myself after always having to have them.
After it was done I still had to wait for another 30 minutes for a nurse to come and bandage it.

I started singing #I feel shitty, Oh, so shitty, I feel shitty and gritty and shite!# while I was in the hospital and in the car on the way home.

Meanwhile at home I'm pretty paranoid about how bad my finger will feel when the anesthetic wears off.

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Written about Monday 2005-02-21
Written: (5474 days ago)

Right then it is now almost 7am and I am so tired but I really can't be bothered sleeping and now I'm starting to get hungry! Theres no milk in so I had to eat cereal with strawberry milkshake. It was pretty nice actually ^_^
#Milk and cereal, milk and cereal, milk and cereal, cereal and milk#

Lee came around this afternoon with Lisa and Joss asking if I wanted to go on holiday to Tenerife with them but I turned them down because it's not my sort of place, they'd probably just go around a bunch of dance clubs. If I was to go anywhere it would either be America or Japan.

I've had Gema bothering me again saying that she'd cheat on her boyfriend for me but that just makes me feel ill.

Huh, once again I can't remember what the hell it is I wanted to write about.

Well Terry's moving out of my Dads soon... again, so that means I get the big room. WOOT!

Jenny's gone for the weekend with her family for about three days but I'm really missing her, it feels alot longer than three days to me.

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Written about Saturday 2005-02-05
Written: (5489 days ago)

...I've been trying to pinpoint the moment I started hating badgers but that led to me wondering WHY I started hating them so much in the first place and what got me so much into purple O,O

I've been really bored lately and nothing much has been going on but I feel like writing in this thing anyhow so here's what I've been upto;

On Monday I was expecting to be in all night but Lee came around so we went the cinema to watch White noise. I'd only heard about it once and hadn't seen any previews for it but I wanted to watch it anyways and it was pretty damn good. It reminded me of The Ring and Final Destination kinda like a Horror/Thriller. I couldn't stop laughing at Lee because he kept jumping through the movie and even before it started like when the preview for the Ring 2 came on.

I didn't sleep at all on Thursday because I thought that if I stayed up all night then it would be easy to sleep the night after. I felt really cruddy but it worked! when I was reading in bed I started to fall asleep all by myself. That was at about 10:30pm which is the earliest I've slept in years. Even when I was in highschool I didn't sleep until 3am.
Because I fell alseep early I thought I'd be up early too but I didn't wake up until 2:45pm and I was supposed to be meeting Rob at 12 lol.

Woohoo got a new computer desk which is alot better than my last one so I'm pretty happy about that :D

Now I'm back to not being able to sleep. This sucks. Yep.

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Written about Monday 2005-01-24
Written: (5501 days ago)

Yup so I went back into school on Friday to hang around for the day and there was more people in this time like Kayleigh, Stokoe, Lee, Sam and Mosser so more of a laugh. Stopped at Robs that night and he's getting Final Fantasy XI now so I was on that for most of the night. It's such a great game!

I was supposed to get up early today to go and sign on at the dole office at 9:35 but I went back to sleep until 1:15 so I thought I was gonna be in so much trouble. I was going to pretend to my Mum that I was reeeeally ill to get some sympathy but she made me go down there still anyways >,<

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Written about Thursday 2005-01-20
Written: (5505 days ago)

Went back into the dole office on Monday for an interview and have to go back there every 2 weeks to sign in which sucks. Didn't get much sleep because I had to get up early for it.

I didn't get up until 5:30pm on Tuesday because lately I've been having quite a few dreams each night and no matter how wierd the dream I want to get back to it like this one which was a continuation of a dream I had ages ago where my left arm was cut off in school but in this one my arm had grown back (in the dream it was natural for limbs to grow back) and I still had the one that was cut off but it was all morbid so I took it around with me to freak people out with it.

I actually got up early by myself yesterday to go into school and hang around with Rob plus I wanted to see my old art teacher to ask him if theres any decent art stores in the area so that I can stock up on some better equiptment. I was watching dvd's on Robs portable dvd player while he was gambling on cards and he actually won in the end so he bought me a Mcdonalds but ended up spilling the milkshakes everywhere. "I pity the foo"
I'll have to play if I go in again on Friday.

January 16, 2005, 01:55:pm 

I had to go into my old school on Friday to find out my grades from last years exams and of course I did terribly but it was wierd being back in there. All the teacher were like "Oh hey, didn't recognize you. How ya doin?" It was cool :D
I ended up going through loads of confidential files in the end because they couldn't find my exam results in the office.

Lee brought Lisa's baby Olivia (I think that's how it spelt) around yesterday. I've seen pictures of her before but she seems so so small in person. She was named after Lisa's Nan who died I think the night Lisa went into labor. The end of a life and a beginning of another.

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Written about Tuesday 2005-01-11
Written: (5514 days ago)
Next in thread: 469372

Well it was my Birthday on Sunday, I turned 18. It was pretty crappy actually. Gots £200 from my parents though so not such a bad days work.

Geez 18 feels like such a wierd age for me, I still feel like I kid I'm not mature enough to be 18. Since a few days ago I've hated getting any older and I'm absolutely terrified of getting OLD. I wanna be like Pe-tay Pan and stay young. Still havn't mastered the art of flying yet though *Thinks happy thoughts*

This is a picture of Me and Jenny with a mix of each of our characters. This was my Birthday present from Jenny and I LOVE IT. It's looks so professional, especially the shading. I want to draw something for her in return for all of her inspiration.

I had to get up at 10 this morning so I only got about 5 hours sleep. That means I should be able to get to sleep tonight Yippee!
I had to go to the godamn dole office today to sign up. My parents got pissed at me for not going yesterday. I just don't like to laze about the place and leech the system. Gotta go back to the Job Centre on Monday and they gave me shit loads of forms to fill in... bastards.

I remember having alot more to write about but my minds blanked out

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Written about Saturday 2005-01-08
Written: (5518 days ago)

January 06, 2005, 04:40:pm

I DID go upto Scotland on the 28th (Which was a Tuesday) with Rob. We had to drop his Cat off at the Cattery and the Dog at the Kennels which was drooling all over me Eeeek!
The weather was pretty crazy it kept changing from sunny to raining to snowing and the snow was coming down really heavy at one time, it was like a blizzard.

Gawd Scolands a beautiful place...

I think it was Wednesday that we went to Braehead shoping park I was standing in a huge cue at Game for Rob while he was getting a few games and Dvd's so I was looking around and saw American McGee's Alice game so I got that. A while after we went into St. Enoch. We had to get the train there and we stopped at about ten other places before we got there. Some girl came upto me and started asking me for directions like I know where the hell I am. I was gonna buy all of Jack off Jills albums but I already have most of their songs so there wasn't really any point. I didn't buy anything really accept for the Alice game.

The party on New Years Eve was fun I was standing outside for a bit watching the fireworks but after Midnight I had to go shake everyones hands and kiss the girls O_O Scottish people are so nice :D
There was some crazy kid there that kept running away because he was scared of me and Rob heehee we should've caught him.
Most of the time I couldn't understand Carly because she was speaking really fast plus the accent so I ignored her alot. I wasn't feeling too great so I wasn't planning on drinking much but still I had more than I thought. I was up for most of the night but eventually I crashed out on the floor about 7:30am.

On New Years Day I went to another party at Letty's and everyone was saying she was gonna rip me about my hair but when she came in all she said was "Nice hair" O_O then she was having a laugh with me all night like messing around flirting >,< she said next time I come down she'll save the bathroom for us. Probably the person I got on with most up there was a girl called Stephanie, at first she was just asking me a bunch of questions but in the end she was really cool. I had more to drink that night and we were going to stay there for the night but Rob was feeling reeeeally ill.

On the way back I had my Johhny The Homicidal Maniac and Squee Comics to keep me entertained plus I was listening to music and the trip home felt alot quicker than when we were on the way there. We stopped off at another services to stretch and while we were in the shop I heard the song O Fortuna by Carl Orff so I started singing it then wandered off hee t'was fun. Wob got a film magazine so I was able to catch up on movie news. It felt really wierd when I got home on Monday... kinda different -shrug-
Well now I can say I've been to Scotland thats the furthest I've ever been from home now.

Kerry told me that Lisa went into labor on Tuesday, Havn't seen her since Christmas she still seems so young to have be pregnant

Says it all

December 27, 2004, 12:25:pm

I got really freaked out last night I started throwing up all the time and even though I was really hot I felt so so cold and couldn't stop shaking. That went on for about 5 hours then when I got home today I was told that I have some bug thats going around. Why the hell do I ALWAYS get ill it's so horrible. It's only supposed to be a 24 hour thing though so I hope that's true or I probably won't be able to go to Scotland

December 26, 2004, 06:16:pm

On Christmas Eve I ended up going to the Plough (Which is a pub) with Lee, Pryce and Graham again then later on Joss shown up but this time the pool was free so we took over that for a while. It was really early but I still had a few drinks.
Went back to Lee's after that and met up with Lisa. I still don't believe she's pregnant she seems so young.

I hung around my Mums for a while later on that night because I said I'd help her get the presents out of the attic and I started feeling really tired so I thought I'd be able to get to sleep really easy but of course I didn't. It took me about 4 hours before I went to sleep and my heart was beating really heavily for some odd reason O,o it was like "Chitty bang bang chitty chitty bang"

On Christmas I went to my Mums first to open me pressies and it didn't start too well. Kerry got in a mood and I really wasn't feeling well. I ALWAYS feel ill on Christmas. I got a new Guitar from my Mum and Dad, the Squee series, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comics and a bunch of Dvd's, My Sis got me all the rest of Jhonens work including I Feel Sick 1 & 2, Fillerbunny, Revenge of the Fillerbunny, Bad Art Collection and Everything can be beaten. Older Bro Terry got me a huge dragon model (Because I collects them) which is also a sword! I must've been a naughty boy this year... Santa didn't bring me anything O__O
Went back to my Dads after that and thought I'd let Jordan have a go on my guitar... I really should know better by now, he snapped a string straight away >.> After that I went to my Nans because most of my family go there to see each other on Christmas Day. OOH and it actually began to snow! not enough to make snowmen but it was still pretty cool.
Got a new computer too from my Mums boyfriend which was nice of him but boyfriends ALWAYS seem nice at first then they become complete jerks that I feel the need to stab. It's a really good computer though but I have to share it with my family gawdamnit.

I'm supposed to be going out for a meal with my Dad tomorrow then I'll be staying at Robs because we're going to Scotland on Tuesday for New years eve or as they call it up there "Hogmanay" so we'll be staying up there for a few days

Heehee Me amd Jenny under the mistletoe

December 20, 2004, 10:01:am

Went into Chester yesterday because Wob wanted to buy a new phone and I was looking for a new computer which I probably won't be able to buy until after my Birthday.

Well not alot has happened lately as usual. Bowy shown me some video of some guy having his head cut off and that almost made me puke and now I can't stop seeing it in my head that spaz.
Some woman came around to Wob's on Saturday with his Mum and Dad and she was crying cos her boyfriends been hitting her so now I feel like hunting him down and kicking his ass. I hate people like that so much

I feel like dying my hair again either Blonde, Silver, White, Plain black, Black with Purple streaks or Black with Blonde streaks which I've had before and thought it looked really kool. Right now I've got purple but it's beginning to fade out so meh

December 16, 2004, 04:32:pm

OH... YOUR... GOD, my computers completely crapped out. It won't even switch on anymore because I have to much memory on it so now I have to buy a new one... DAMNIT.

I've been so bored lately so all I've been doing lately is lying on the couch watching DVD's. Fun eh? Evil gave me £100 or £200 worth of paints for my Lord of the Rings Warhammer models so I've been painting a bunch of miniatures. Each one takes about 3 hours to paint and I have over 100 so that should keep me occupied.

Babysitting now -glee- their was a power failure for the whole area earier so I thought I'd be sitting in he dark all night but hoorah it only lasted for about an hour -whew- I would have gone even crazier otherwise.

And now for my letter to SAAaANTA:
"Dear Santa, (Gnehehehe)
Please bring me a coffin for Grandpa. You choked him with a chestnut last year and now he's beginning to smell.
Loves and kisses
Your happiest Elf, whatever the hell my name is today"

December 11, 2004, 03:46:pm

On Thursday I was supposed to be taking First Aid but the guy was in Cyprus. I was looking forward to making out with the dummy but scared that I might start getting carried away O_O

Some woman came in to see if we wanted to go onto another course after the week at Youth Gateway.
Well that was the last day of that so now I just need to keep trying to find a job. Hopefully I will be taking the first aid training in about a month and I'll be attending some other programme called 'Job Search'

Ashley's really annoying me now, I shouldn't have invited him to come and see Blade Trinity with me and Rob today. I found out the times and everything for him then they all go off without me so I went the Cinema with Kev and Lee Doh instead.

Whoo got my Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee books today... WHOO!!! I started dancing around my Mum and freaked her out cos I was that happy. The bubblewrap package it came in was ripped because Jordan got a hold of it but thank god he didn't ruin the books otherwise I might have killed him. Bubblewrap... WHOOO ^-^
My Mum caught me reading it and it's supposed to be for Christmas, Godamn teasing parents.
Now my Mum is questioning my sexuality because she was watching some show about dancing and I said "Whoa he's hot" as a joke but I think she took it too serious

December 08, 2004, 04:27:pm

Not going to write much now because I'm in a hurry to go to my Dads.

I went to Topflight training today it was pretty cool I had to do a bunch of tasks with a bunch of others. Sean (The guy working there) was really cool and I was having a laugh with him all day. He was showing us a bunch of really funny vids he had on his comp including a scene from Kung Pow and near the end of the training he was going around giving out certificates and shaking everyones hands but when he got to me I gave him a combo handshake. Just before we were about to leave Sean asked me if I was taking drugs... WHAT THE CRAP? Everyone thinks I take drugs cos I'm really twitchy and my hands shake like crazy. I don't know why the hell I'm like that.
Everyone was getting really Peeved at me too or so Bowy says because I was talking to Sean for ages while everyone was on the bus waiting to go home and they were all saying stuff like "That fucking Goth I'm gonna kick his ass, no wonder he want's to work nights what is he a Vampire" lmao but as soon as I got on the bus no one said anything.

December 07, 2004, 02:05:pm

Woke up this morning and found myself on the floor... oh yeah I went to asleep on the floor XP And what the hell is up with my arms they've felt dead for the last few days.

Bowy is starting to suspect this guy who also goes to the enterprise centre that I met about 2 years ago called Dani to be a murderer but he's cool, he told me ages ago that he got caught by the cops wearing his Mums kinky maid outfit lmao. Bow seems really paranoid about this other guy too called John who he has to sit next to but he just makes me laugh. Yesterday he was saying that he wants to have 'I'm Jesus' written on a T-shirt and today he was writing 'I am the Devil' on his folder which is wierd cus he's like a proper scally. Two guys working in training agencies came in today and the first one was reeeeally happy even when he was leaving he was like "Ok then, bye cya it's great that I'm going bye... bye" Cwazy guy -Nod me-

I saw Roxanne there today and I havn't seen her in ages. I forgot she's left school now and she's changed her hair again. Now she has Pink, Yellow and black dreads, looks kool.

After we finished at the Enterprise centre me and Bowy went up to see Jade, went back to his so I could get my ass whooped by him on Halo 2 then went to Smithers' house. I havn't seen him or Jade in ages either. I didn't even know he was in the Army and I heard that Ste left the army. I knew Ste was joining but I thought that would be sometime next year O,O I was talking to him the other day and he said he was working with his Dad over Christmas but he didn't mention anything to me about him going to the Army.
OOH I saw Craig Williams too, that's quite a few people I havn't seen in ages in one day

December 06, 2004, 11:44:am

On the way to that Youth Gateway thingy some shifty old German man stopped me and asked me to move a concrete slab for him so I thought what the hell and helped him then he started taking forever and kept saying Uhh uh vait a minute, vait a minute.
After I was done he gave me a bunch of rotten apples O,o True story, godamn old people.
When I eventually got there I had to walk around the whole building to find the entrace, it had loads of doors but they were all locked. I was surprised to see Bowy there too! Heh it really is a small world.
We had to do so much paperwork on the first day but it was fun also. We did some really crazy quiz with ridiculous questions but they all had answers such as:
If a man built a house and all four sides were pointing south then a bear came along what color would it be and the answer was white because if all the sides of the mans house were pointing south then the house would be in the North Pole thus the bear would be a polar bear. I acually got most of them right after reading the questions over and over.

We get 3 breaks a day so we were hanging around Robs house because he lives pretty close to it and the woman working their is pretty cool

December 05, 2004, 03:48:pm

I kept pretending I was asleep last night so Jordan was punching me in the face lol he makes me laugh so much he's just walked in and said something like "I don't wanna play Thunderbirds, I wanna die"

Ack I decided to go to some Youth Gateway thing for five days which starts tomorrow, I'm gonna struggle to get up at 9am but atleast I get paid for it

December 04, 2004, 02:50:pm

I'm gonna buy a bunch o' stuff of the internet but I'm stressing over it because I need it all to get here before Christmas and I doubt that it will. Bah...

I stopped over at Wob's last night and his Dad came in drunk again as usual and he came in to talk to me for ages which is always a laugh.

I think I'll start drawing on my PC with marker later I'm so bored

December 03, 2004, 11:36:am

Took my little bro Jordan out yesterday and I so love scaring him, Lotsa fun. Went to my aunties with him to get ALICE IN WONDERLAND I had to watch it again and I got the movie too. I've only seen it once and thought it was crap... well yeah it is crap and now I am seeing spots O,O

December 01, 2004, 02:47:pm

My Ex-Girlfriend Gema is really starting to annoy me now she's turning into a godamn stalker and that's my job! She made my life even more miserable and now she won't leave me alone saying that she wants to get back with me... again. She's even bothering my friends and saying that she's gonna kill herself and I know for a fact that she's just saying that to get attention.

My parents told me I could either have a party or £200 for my 18th birthday and I went for the money but I've been thinking about it alot lately and I don't really give a damn about the money so I'll probably have a party now, something I'll always remember.
I might hire out the Albion cos it's pretty big and get a band and a huge buffet. If I got a DJ then I'd definately have the time warp playing and anyone who doesn't dance to it get's a broken glass in their face, I'm gonna invite EVERYONE.

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On Monday my cousin Lee came around to my house and wanted me to go the plough and I was pretty bored so I went out with him Pryce and Graham. We got to the pub and was gonna have a game of pool but the table was taken by some other guys so Lee and Pryce had a game of Darts which had me laughing for ages cos Pryce started to really suck, probably alot better than me but funny none the less. I didn't even have to pay for a drink becayse I said I had no money even though my wallets always weighing me down.

After that we were going to a party in Flint so we went up in Pryce's car cos it would have been like an hour walk and when we get to the petrol station I notice that Graham's smoking so I was just thinking it would be so funny if we all blew up. THEN he says to put on Sweet Child 'O Mine so I'm thinking what the hell cos I'm hanging around with a bunch of townies it was a dance version so that made sense.
When we got their we told Graham to get out to see where everyone was because the battery on Lee's mobile phone went while he was getting the location of the party. I kinda feel sorry for Graham he's like Lee's slave and yesterday he told me that he was living in Chester now cos his Dad ran out on him. We had to drive around for a bit to find a phone box. Lee started getting really stressed because he couldn't get the battery back in his phone and lost his sim card.

Godamn Insomnia it was such a pain trying to get to sleep last night and because It's winter it took me an hour before I got out of bed.

Something happened at Asda today some guy that drives one of those Securico vans or whatever they're called that take money to banks was covered in Gasoline by a bunch of guys and they told him if he didn't give them the money they'd set him on fire. I really wouldn't have give a damn, them taking the money wouldn't bother me but them being complete assholes would. If someone set me on fire I'd dive on them and take them down with me. The guy gave them the money though so he wasn't set on fire and their was a bunch of people in the store watching, I don't think they were just standing there gonna do nothing but their wasn't anything they could do the entrance was quite far from where it was happening. -UPDATE- Just seen on the news that it was four guys and they didn't get any money, they had a sledge hammer and machete too.

And what the hell is up with my sister she has to take forever when shopping like before when I went to Broughton just to have a little look around for albums and Dvd's. I wanna get The Nightmare before Christmas cos I only have it on VHS and I heared that on the DVD it's got some added cartoon on it.

My Ex-Girlfriend Gema is really starting to annoy me she's turning into a godamn stalker and that my job, she made my life even more miserable and now she won't leave me alone saying that she wants to get back with me... again. She's even bothering my friends and saying that she's gonna kill herself and I know for a fact that she's just saying that to get attention.

My parents told me I could either have a party or £200 for my 18th birthday and I went for the money but I've been thinking about it alot lately and I don't really give a damn about money so I'll probably have a party now. something I'll always remember.
I might hire out the Albion cos it's pretty big and get a band and a huge buffet. If I got a DJ then I'd definately have the time warp playing and anyone who doesn't dance to it get's a broken glass in their face, I'm gonna invite EVERYONE ^__^

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