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Written about Thursday 2005-04-14
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I am very tired of hearing people tell me that the war against terrorism is pointless or wrong, that war is wrong, or that we can do without war, words are more powerful. Bullshit, this planet has been sculpted BY war.
The Aztecs, Incas, Indians, Native Americans, Arabs, Northmen, Egyptians, Romans

All GREAT civilizations that after a certain period called it quits and vanished into pretty much nothing, got soft and settled into lives of vice and wine, bree, and completely gave up in the ongoing battle against corruption and defiance of what is Just. Do you want to be dug up two million years from now by some civilization because we were vanishing as well? Tell me this, what great creation do we have to leave behind that will last millions of years?

"The key to immortality is to lead a life worth remembering" -- Late, Great, Bruce Lee, R.I.P.

What have you done worth remembering?

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