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Written about Tuesday 2005-08-30
Written: (5530 days ago)

i dont why but i had this weird dream where i was in a mental assylum.

i was test subject #12 under maximum security. i was watched and gazed at by all. at first glance i seemed to be a regular person but upon furthur investigation i had this kind of unexplainable aura about me that would make even the strongest of people break down, quiver, and cower into the fetal position. evry morning i was woken up enough just to notice i was awake then i was injected with something without a moments notice that would put me back to sleep. when i awoke again i was in this very brightly lit room on a narrow white bed, similar to an autopsy room. i turned my head only to notice the glass walls surrounding me with those gawking eyes all trained on me, the wires that were inserted into my body, and icy chill i felt. then i was once again injected with something and i felt my eyes flutter close yet again. i awoke later and escaped from my room where i was held against my will only to run mindlessly anywhere my legs would carry me. i remember staggering from all the injections that where in me, not knowing where to go with the worry of someone trying to kill me in the back of my mind. i remember running past all those people screaming, "SECURITY! SECURITY!". all those guns trained on me, all the feelings that were going through my head.

then i woke up.

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