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Written about Thursday 2010-04-08
Written: (3848 days ago)

well today just blows. First i think i have a job, then it gets swooped right out from under me -_-' . I am so ...this is just no word to describe how upset i am.

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Written about Wednesday 2010-04-07
Written: (3849 days ago)

Wow, its been 5 years...can't believe its all still here lol

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Written about Thursday 2005-02-24
Written: (5718 days ago)

Its weird how you think you know everything about a person and then you relize its a completely different story, its like you never knew them at all and when you figure it all out its really different because its a mask someone would wear everyday to make it seem its alright and now that you know how horriable everything is should you feel remores or hate........

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Written about Thursday 2004-09-23
Written: (5872 days ago)
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Ya im writing a story... this is all i got so far

"Deaths Little Secrets"

Her eyes showed no emotion as she placed the bloody knife down. She smiled with the satisfaction of what she had done. No remorse, no worries of ever getting caught. She had her own justice and it felt good. Her laughter filled the empty room, and she was gone.

5 Years Later

EHh, i have writers block. . . i have a good plot but i just dont know how to put it

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