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Written about Sunday 2010-01-03
Written: (3804 days ago)

I'm so done. So finished. So tired. So cold and too warm. These eyelids get so heavy and these thoughts are getting so slow. My lungs are damaged with poison and my torso is covered in crevices where the demons hide. My backbone is weak. My guts are sufficient. Rhymes are for songs, what I write is soul. Fuck their anorexia in high heels. Fuck their obesity is Daisy Dukes. Damn the society who started this. Damn your meat and crackers. They don't wow me! (Though they are delicious!) Don't think you know me. Don't underestimate me! Your preaching lies can't change me. Your words can't move me. And these disguises can't stop me. I'm a booze chugging, bed hogging, mental twisting, joyful sinning, cluster fuck. I hate your rules. I hate your babies. I love your subway and broccoli. I love your kitties and puppies. I love your fuzzy faces and slippers. Fuck night shifts. Deny time. Harry Potter is blasphemy? It's a book! Religious families ban Harry Potter but Spiderman is ok? It's not ok for human being to use body energy in a physical way, but god must have allowed a radio active spider on earth to bite Peter Parker who thn turns super human? WTF? Fuck God, hot salty french fries is Jesus' work. I'm burning out. I can see the writer just around the block but I cannot catch him. I am the whipping boy. Punishment is what I see. Hurting myself for for pain is my bestfriend. I am shit. Cast away and unwanted is what I feel. I do nothing for useless is my bestfriend. I am death. Cold and hollow is what I feel. I do my job for loneliness is my bestfriend. I am life. prayer and suffering is what I hear. I hold onto the suffering and release the loved for cruelty is my bestfriend.

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Written about Sunday 2010-01-03
Written: (3804 days ago)

Sometimes you wish there was something to say
and when you go to say it you cant think of the words.So your a creep
and have no friends. Arent you still happy? Make yourself happy. Stand
the fuck up and do something about it. Someday there isnt going to be
anyone to cheer you up. Smiling yet? Well atleast you've calmed yourself
down. C'mon little bunny. We're both in this together. Lets go play in the
fields filled with children and ignore them. We'll smoke and stare at the
cloud filled sky. That one looks like a butterfly.

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Written about Wednesday 2009-05-06
Written: (4046 days ago)

Pretty boy from far away.
No color.
No hate.
We'll some day fly away.
Fly over an ocean of purples and pinks.
We'll land in a field of love making perfection. Stroling through, hand-in-hand watching eachother. Like a slit in the rainbow. The imperfect walking through a dry sea of Flawless.
We're still happy, I promise. There are no poisons in your eyes. Nothing in your mind but you and me, holding hands, imperfect and beautiful.
We'll glide through the orange forest of purity.
We will desicrate their land with sweat of our bodies from the friction we use. We'll live our lives of gray with nothing to lose but eachoher while we walk aimlessly, together, through the valley of life and color.
I promise I won't hold my breath until someone realizes how happy we are.
We'll drink in their negative thoughts as if they will leave some kind of impression.
Your my very secret. My only
We wont make love, only have
We dont talk, only touch.
I will never let go,
You never want to be free.
Though we are forever apart. <3

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