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Written about Saturday 2006-09-09
Written: (5008 days ago)

so I may be able to go to the states....

I actually may be able to see the world

this is an incredible turn of events

5 days in america

new york...

but still new york isn't so bad, it's just scary cause of those suicidal nimrods that like to crash planes at our expense... I'm freaked about the flight because I've never flown and there's alot of tension on the UK-USA flights lately, fucking terrorists...

still we all have to take risks at some point just to live

as they say

a life lived in fear
is a life not lived

~~something along those lines~~

(is where you'll find me)
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Written about Sunday 2006-01-22
Written: (5238 days ago)

This is the greatest diary entry you will ever read
why? there is no questioning of the arts in here lad
Today consisted of me sitting my ass putting 'the great roholio' on custom t-shirts online, debating ordering them then chickening out, and also making up songs and singing them into le microphone (which i'm stilll doing) i have done fuck all work :D and i feel pretty great!

no this really isn't the best entry you've read but i bet it inspired you to sit on your ass all day and do nothing didn't it! it's really great! do it once and week and repeat as you see fit

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Written about Thursday 2005-09-22
Written: (5360 days ago)

it's times like this i wish i could bleed

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Written about Saturday 2004-09-18
Written: (5729 days ago)

well that went about as well as my childhood. Fuck sake. I knew it'd end like this - fucked up. No trust, no care. No cause there is care, a small amount but nevertheless it is there. Fucking dickhead. He is part of the problem and it would help greatly to ignore his bastard hide but i can't no matter how much i want to. He is an ongoing problem cause if i talk to him he's a problem ifi don't talk to him he's a problem. Dear diary note to self when i leave the hell mouth, make no friends for a very long time. I hate being the bitch but i think it's time i started thinking about me more. Do i really mean that. do i...i guess i do. i know i can't take them anymore i saved myself by sacrificing my 'crew' as jess so eliquently put it. Sure i get on absolutely great without them and i know this but what merlin said to me keeps floating around in my head and i wish it would leave. I'd be fine but i'd miss 1 or 2 people in the process. So i can't block them out. i hate having a history. Can't everyone just get amnesia? i don't want this guilty, regretful feeling. Regret suffocates me, it has done for some time and i don't want to regret any choices i'm going to make over the next week. i hope g-dad is with me

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Written about Wednesday 2004-08-25
Written: (5753 days ago)

i feel an urge to jump of a cliff people, save me! i hope my safety net ain't a nibbled fishermans net other wise i am as dead as my mind.. i need to cheer up, party anyone?

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Written about Monday 2004-08-23
Written: (5755 days ago)

My story

He was there yesterday she was sure of it. She sat by his bed whilst on her break; he was still unconscious. She held her coffee with both hands on her lap and tried to recall why she’d seen him around the hospital the previous day. Outside. He’d been outside near the ambulance departure station. She’d lost an elderly patient and needed some fresh air. The guy had been in a far corner slowly and solemnly smoking a cigarette he’d rolled. He’d worn a loose silky black shirt, which had hung from his slim frame revealing a hairless chest. The shirt had hung over his dark bootleg jeans and a long dark coat had sheltered such an outfit. His dark hair had hung over most his face so she doubted he’d see her watching him but in a moment of instinct he gradually lifted his head and saw her starring back. In reflex she quickly turned her attention away to an ambulance pulling up, siren screaming and lights panicking. Naturally she had thought nothing more of this man until he had arrived last night, out of breath, shards of glass in his back and bleeding heavily.

(c) RMB

To read the rest go to chamu
thank you

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Written about Friday 2004-08-13
Written: (5765 days ago)


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Written about Friday 2004-06-11
Written: (5828 days ago)

well now the annoying guard has fucked off all i have to worry about now is moving..shit! i really feel like crap lately, u'd think i'd be happy..well my op was cancelled i guess that's what's bought me down..bastards sent the letter to my old address..i give up!

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Written about Tuesday 2004-06-01
Written: (5838 days ago)

wow i didn't realise the date..how time flies. Dear bleak box today has been unsuccessful as i planned to go cycling and get out of this shitty place and the weather (and other things) were not on my side. So no cycling and instead continuous use of the net. On the bright side - if there is one - i've started planning my next song to put on my demo album. It is called..hang on i won't tell you i've already had my poem stolen by [Zanther Corvenus] >> asshole << so nope i'll say nothing else on those terms, christ someone might even steal this entry. Why do they feel the need?? Ok so u have no answers, never mind. Met someone on here today, depressed gal and now i worry for her lol i worry more about people than me! strange strange me...well at least that counsilling thing's been cancelled. I'd of had to go to launceston for it! major no no. Oh well take care box!

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Written about Sunday 2004-04-25
Written: (5875 days ago)

green pills, cousilling... damn! are we thinking something is wrong here? think i might 4get the shrink, it'l only confuse me..

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Written about Tuesday 2004-04-13
Written: (5887 days ago)

recorded my first rock song today, wicked game (the H.I.M version) turned out pretty good i did all the guitar, drums and vocals on it, i've yet to let my dad hear it!

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Written about Monday 2004-04-05
Written: (5894 days ago)

natural globe of an age near forgot live on in your mystic orb forever to roam the skies. oh rippled night sky, your pale grey shades heed a warning i can't read alone. Am i alone here? wondering at your ragged message? For instance, does it perhaps give reference to last nights dream, for the wind is as strong now as it was there. The heavens themselves, i dreamt, were angry.Their winds rampaged throughout the land consuming all in their way. i do remember a fall in which i half drowned in a sea of pity bearing mercy to our family name. Does this abnormal night sky give warning to things to come or was the wind as a metaphor?

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Written about Monday 2004-03-08
Written: (5923 days ago)

i watched the moon for ages last night. i saw it through the glass window first and decided its a better atmosphere to look at it without glass in the way. the moment i pushed the window outward and away the moon beamed around the corner of the pane, absolutely glowing in the sky. it was unterly incredible! you make think i'm strange to watch the moon but really it is amazing when you just stop and think how old it is. living on an estate in bude is near on unbarable, i've only got to look out my window and there are neighbours glaring in. thats why i wait until night to open my curtains and spy on the sky. my mates reckon i'm a vampire!

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