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Written about Friday 2007-07-27
Written: (4592 days ago)


My house got flood last week but Sarah rescued me and now I have been staying at her house! Going to London on Sunday and back on Friday!
Got to go

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Written about Tuesday 2007-06-26
Written: (4622 days ago)


I didn't got to school all thourgh last week and I never went to ork becauise I went to London as my Grandad past away on the Friday 10th June '2007' I cam back from London last Wednesday! MY Mum, Dad and Grandmother went to pakisatn to bury him there as it was his wish! 

Anyway. I bought new hair straighteners yesterday and now for the first time my hair is actually straight! :P Lol

Anyway got to go

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Written about Tuesday 2007-06-12
Written: (4636 days ago)

Iy Yo!

The exams are over and now I can't be botherd to even start our year 13 course work! What a wanker! Honestly!

Yesterday was my last exam and it was a re-sit!

I'm so tired now!

Work is ok! Not bad now. I've got used to it now (only a bit) It's ok I guess. But when I come home my feet are killing me!

Got to go
Missing: </b>

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Written about Saturday 2007-06-02
Written: (4646 days ago)


Ok so now my half term has finished and have my first exam this Monday! :S ! On Thursday, I went to Gloucester and stayed at a family friends house! And on that day I saw Spider Man 3!! Toby Maguire is sooooo fit and on that night I watched Memoirs Of A Geisha. Now I want to become a Geisha!!!

I went to work today and burnt my knuckel and this fit guy with the most gorgeous eyes attended me ;) he he

Now my feet hurt.
I look like a horse ! (Apparently)
I fell over yesterday coming down a hill. It was quite funny. and slipped on mud and got my hands dirty! lol

Anyway got to go

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Written about Tuesday 2007-05-15
Written: (4664 days ago)


Ok. So I have a new job now at Morrisons. And I went for my induction today so I had to miss a day of school. :D So I start this Sunday.

1 1/2 weeks ago, I went to London to see my Grandad. I went into the ITU and saw him all wired up but I kept strong and didn't cry. He was on this medication for about a week and he didn't open his eyes. But eventually in the end he did! So he is going to be getting better gradually!

I've got my first A-Level next wednesday!!!! Not so great though as ICT is mega hard and I think I might FAIL!!!!

Anyway got to go before we have a power cut because of the thunder :D I love thunder.


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Written about Wednesday 2007-05-02
Written: (4677 days ago)


Started school last week! and now I'm in the 2nd week now and halfterm is on the way again!! Yay! I'm resining from my job at SAVERS so I have an interview with Morrisons this Friday and fingures crossed! I will get the job.

My Grandad went to hospital had an operation and the let them him out the next day (stupid nobs). Then he went back in as he got the tempreture. Then two days ago, his heart stopped twice and well I think he is ok. And I do hope so too.

Anyway got to go

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Written about Sunday 2007-04-15
Written: (4694 days ago)


Half term has been crap. I'm so bored now. Byt tommorow I'm going out with my two lovely friends. Sarah and Holly.

For some reason for the pass couple of day's I'm starting to find it hard to breathe. I think because I'm eating too much and getting a bit bigger. But I'm not sure. I'm think I'm going to book an appointment with the doctors.

Anyway got to go.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-04-11
Written: (4698 days ago)

All I want to say right now to EVERYONE is


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Written about Monday 2007-04-09
Written: (4701 days ago)

Ohayoo Gozimousu

It's morning and it's not to too long till my parents are back! On Sataurday I found out that my Grandad had a heart attack but it was a mild one, so I'm guessing thats a good thing. He's ok though. But my parents are going to go straight to my Grandparents house from the airport. As it's bank holiday today and halftearm too. I'm gong to chill and do so revision for my re-sits. I'm so happy that it's half term but I'm going to relax and have a great lying in the mornings.

Anway got to go,

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Written about Thursday 2007-04-05
Written: (4704 days ago)


Not too long now till my parents come back. They comback on bank holiday Monday. Also I finished school for the next to weeks. So all I have to do is chill. Not only that, I don't have to work over my Easter. So reallt all I can say is 'WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' So tommorow all I have to do is wake up nicely, but, LATER than usual. So at the moment my brother is re-decorating the kitchen so really we have 3 days left. But tommorow, I have alot to do.

So anyway,
Got to go


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Written about Thursday 2007-03-22
Written: (4718 days ago)


Ok so my parents have gone. There going to Florida tommorow but have left today because there flight leaves at 10AM so there staying over night at a hotel. I'm at home with my Brother and my older Brother is coming tommorow and I also think that my sister is too. I've got loads to do tommorow, when I come back from School. Such as clean and feed the birdies clean the whole house.

Great! Anyway got to go

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Written about Wednesday 2007-03-14
Written: (4726 days ago)

Konichuwa! *Does Victory sign*

Well not only that I coudn't of been asked write in here. I was just plain lazy too. Anyway. Errr.....ok......well so far it's been cool, not bad and stuff. Over the half term I recived my UCAS card!!! Hurray! My conch has heeled and I am quite chuffed about. I'm working tommorow after school. My English course work has gone missing. So yeah. Everything is just great!

I've been watching Hana Yori Dango 2 however it's the last episode next week. I realy so hope Tsukushi and Tsukasa get together unless there is another season 3! In Meteor Garden they dide so fingures crossed! X

My parenst are going away for 2 whole week to Florida with there friends and I'm going to be stuck her over my easter with my Cruddy Bro!!! GREAT!! I've got a cold too.

Works Ok. I heard that we've got another sales assisstants!

My lifes crap but I don't care. I've still got my friends too!!! Except for the stuck up and the ones who lie alot people!!

Anyway go to go.
Alf Feder-Zain

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Written about Monday 2007-02-19
Written: (4749 days ago)


Halfterm (AT LAST) Haven't wrote in this diary because I coudn't be asked too. Well on Friday 16th Febuary '2007' I got my Conch pierced. It hurt though but on Sataurday it was fine. But it bled. Although it's doing fine at the mo. And now I want another Conch pierced below it so there is going to be 2 Conch piercing on my right ear.

I haven't been up to much lately just got to re-do my T&T (Travel & Tourism)coursework and I'm working aswell.

Valentines was shit (No change there then) I don't see the point of handing out roses around school. It's not fair on other students in the school who don't get one.
I ended up buying a smal bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar for Sarah and then gave her half of a Picnic bar. Bless her soul she's kept the Chocolate bar wrapper.

I also found my Hana Yori Dango Drama season 2 and I'm watching it at the mo. I've seen all on the episodes so far and have kept up to date on it. Just got to see another 6 more and I already know what's happening.
I'm very excited.

Well go to go

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Written about Monday 2007-01-22
Written: (4777 days ago)


Schools been fine I guess. Had a crap week but I got through!!! Anyway I got my Tragus pierced and I'm proud of my self for getting it done too!!!!!!!Bless my Mum though, she walked out of the room where I ws getting my ear done becuase she didn't want to see the pain in my face! My Mum said wait till it heals then I can get a conch done!!! My mum doesn't want me to have a scaffold so thats it really shes put her foot down and said no!!!
Anyway got to go

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Written about Tuesday 2007-01-09
Written: (4790 days ago)


I’m at school at the mo in the library. My birthday was ok. I wasn’t excited about it but it was fine!! I got the Bratz Diamonds and Brain Training for my Nintendo DS Lite. I got celebrations from my good friend Ryan who I love to bits and that along with that I got MUNCHIES!!! He he. Your probably are wondering why munchies. Well its simple I asked Ryan if I could have a munchies and he says that I’m not worthy of chocolate :O I was so shocked. Lol. Anyway, to make it worse I went to work and had to get up early. When I worked the full 6 hours I went home and put myself a nice warm bath I used imperial Japanese Spa which I loved. Then went down stairs and opened my presents. From parents I got £50 and box of chocolates, form my sister I got Brain Training and from my second eldest brother well I obliviously got Bratz DVD and game. From my good friends I got earrings and key rings and 17 year old badge and box of chocolates and Lisa Davies [lisa d] gave me £5 but I gave it back to her because I said it was too much for me!! I mean if it was a family member I would of kept it but it wasn’t it was a very good friend of mine so I no and then she spent it in the canteen and bought herself a ham Baggett lol. Bless her.

Anyway got to go or else I'm busted

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Written about Sunday 2006-12-31
Written: (4799 days ago)


Well '2007' is near, not long now. 51minutes. EXACTLY!!!

My highlights of '2006'

January- Well ofcourse you all know that my birthday is in
January and well, Holly & Sarah came over for my birthday which was whicked.

Febuary- My Phone went into the washing machine (BY ACCIDENT), and I started to watch Hana Yori Dnago (Japanese Drama) lol

March- Can't really remember what happend in March, I was proberly in a world of my own.

April- Tried to stay away from April Fools

May- My GCSE's. I had panicked in alot of exams, especially ENGLISH.Scary!!!

June- Again GCSE's and finishing them

July- Finally finsished school and went on holiday (AGAIN) to Pakistan meant 7 weeks there. I caught Malaria so I got bitten alot by crudy mosquitoes. But in the end I got better :D

August- My second older brother got married in pakistan (last years was his engagement)

September- Arrived back couple of days before I was going to go to school. When we landed in Birmingham airpot I text
Sarah and said I'm back and she phoned me up, bless her. Also getting my GCSE results back and they were OK!

October- I did'nt go to the fair but I did tell my Dad that he was uncool for NOT letting me go!!! lol (Sorry but it had to be said)

November- I got my first job and I'm still working there

December- Smart & Silly day! It was an awsome day. Me & Sarah went as the 70's girls. And when I walked into the 6th form commen room I sort of lost my balance and fell in those 6 inch heels, but I just laughed as it was funny. Lol When me and Sarah went into Cheltenham it was raining and my umbrella kept on attacking her. It was funny to be honest. Lol. Also Xmas when I got my Nintendo, YEAH!!!!

Overall, '2006' has been a OKISH/Not Bad/ Year for me. But still I hope next year '2007' will be the most amazing year for me and everyone else.

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Written about Friday 2006-12-29
Written: (4801 days ago)

Christmas was good. Except my sister did'nt come because she was working so this is the first time that on of our family memeber who has missed Christmas.
I did'nt get much but I was happy but what shocked me the most was when my eldest brother gave a me his present. When I opened the bag I said, "OMG!!! You've got to be joking. I was least expecting this!!!" I got a Ninetdo DS Lite with three games. I though gosh these cost over a 100 pounds.
Anyway a week tommorow it's my '17th'. I'm not excited about it, and I really don't know why but proberly on the day I will be (At least I think) plus I'm working on my '17th' GREEEEAT <img:44166_1164145209.gif>.
But anyway go to go, I will be back on to go thorugh the highlights on '2006' so can't wait.

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Written about Wednesday 2006-12-13
Written: (4817 days ago)

This week is ok, we break up this friday can't wait! I've got to the hospital tommrow to have a blood test for the very 2nd time. Cant wait!
Also I can't till Xmas, becuase for some reason I'm so excited lol
Well got to go

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Written about Sunday 2006-12-03
Written: (4827 days ago)

Smart and Silly day was awsome. I had lots of fun. Everyone commented me on what I was wearing and no-one turned and said it looked horrible. Although when i walked into the 6th form room I kinda lost my balance and nearly fell but luckly I did'nt fall on my ass, it would've been amusing for eveyone. Lol. I went to work yesterday 9-6 my boss is a total DICK I wish my assistant manager was back but she's busy.
Well got to go
byeeeeeeeeeeee XxX

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Written about Friday 2006-11-24
Written: (4836 days ago)

Went to work today, just me and my assistant manager at the end. Got paid, I did'nt get much only £71.75 but I'm going to save that :D When I finished work today I accidently called my Rileys house instead of my house number becuase I was'nt concertrating oops lol I somehow have forgoten my house number how embarassing *blushes* lol. It's smart and silly day a week today can't wait really *yawns* I'm working tommorow and sunday so lots and lots of money. This week has'nt been bad although it has been raining AND yesterday both of my umbrellas broke becuase of the bloody wind, I was not happy :(. Oh and my brother knows how to find out peoples passwords on hotmail so people who I have added beware as he will try and find out your password
anyway got to go byeeeeeeee XxX

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Written about Saturday 2006-11-18
Written: (4842 days ago)

Went to work today, it was ok not bad busy but not bad. I walked there and by the time I got to work my hand were numb as anything and I could hardly do anything. I worked from 9AM-2PM so it was'nt bad. I'm home now, nice and warm and I'm sat by the heater to keep me warm. Luckly I've hardly got any homework to do so I'm all good :P. I'm tierd though. Yesterday me and my best mate Riley went to our home town, well technically it's Riley's but I was born there (Cheltenham) and wanted to look for a fancydress costume except we have to go back on Tuesday (I think) to look at them! I only have a week 2 week yesterday until the 6th form smart and silly day (can't wait). Also in Cheltenham it started to rain and this was an accident but I took my umbrella with me and it was broken but it still worked but it kept on poking Riley in the head lol. It was really funny. I could'nt stop laughing niether could Riley *sighs* well I really enjoyed my self, especially the umbrella poking Riley in the head lol, I'm never going to forget that.
Well got to go,

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