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Written about Wednesday 2006-07-19
Written: (5100 days ago)

1) Single or taken: Taken
2) Age: 15
3) Birthday: February 22nd
4) Which year?: 1991
5) Siblings: One younger brother, one older sister
6) Hair color: Brown? I DON'T KNOW!!
7) Eye color: Hazel
8) Shoe size: somewhere between 6 and 8, and no not always is it 7.
9) Full name: Jasmyne Danielle Johnson


1) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes I do.
2) Have you ever been kissed?: Multiple times. Oooooh!!

 T h e E x t r a S t u f f

1) Do you do drugs: Heck no.
2) What kind of shampoo do you use: Garnier Fructis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
3) What kind of conditioner do you use: Garnier Fructis Color Damaged Condition or whatever. For color damaged hair.
4) What are you most scared of: Honestly, I think I'm most scared of losing things
5) What are you listening to right now: "A Favor House Atlantic" by Coheed & Cambria

6) What car do you wish to have?: a truck with 4 seats and 6 cupholders.
7) Who's the main people you talk to on the phone: my friend Tawney and I can talk for a very long time... besides that, short & sweet convos
8) Where do you want to get married?: On earth.
9) Any tattoos or piercing?: I have three piercings in my right ear and one's gauged (14g) and one in my left ear also gauged (14g)
10)What's your theme song?: I don't know. I like the song "Shut Up and Smile" by Bowling For Soup though... because it reminds me to stay happy. So does "Ridiculous" (also by BFS).


1) Color: pink, black & green (fear me)
2) What's your fav. foods?: >< I don't know! Maybe pasta?
3) What's your fav subject in school: English?
4) What's your fav sport: I still prefer kickball.
5) favorite bands: Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Natasha Bedingfield, Cheap Trick, A. F. I., Garbage, Bowling For Soup, Barenaked Ladies, Tangarine Dream, Slipknot, Seether, Blink 182, Coldplay, Nickelback, Creed, The Killers, Coheed & Cambria, Green Day, Del Amitri, Sarah McLachlan, My Chemical Romance, Death Cab for Cutie, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, DiVinyls, uhm... I like music.

~H a v e Y o u E v e r~

1) Given anyone a bath?: My kid brother...
2) Bungee jumped: Nope.
3) Broken the law: I guess so...
4) Made yourself throw-up?: EW! No. I don't LIKE puking, it sucks.
5) Skinny dipped: Nope.
6) Ever been in love: Yeeeah.
7) Made yourself cry to get out of trouble!?: Nope.
8) Been Drunk: Nope again.
9) Gotten arrested or almost?: Mmmm, I'll go with nope again, though I have had a few run ins with cops.

Mwa-ha-ha! Stolen from [~Second.String~] who stole it from [.the plastic emo.]!!

I've kissed someone..
01. [X] on the cheek.
02. [X] on the lips.
03. [X] on their hands or fingers.
04. [X] in my room.
05. [X] in their room.
06. [X] of the opposite sex.
07. [X] of the same sex. (relatives dont count)
08. [X] a little younger than me.
09. [X] a little older than me.
10. [ ] with black hair.
11. [X] with curly hair.
12. [X] blonde hair and blue eyes.
13. [ ] with red hair
14. [X] with straight hair.
15. [X] shorter than me.
16. [ ] with a lip ring.
17. [X] who i truly love/loved.
18. [ ] who was drunk.
19. [ ] who was high.
20. [X] in the morning.
21. [ ] right after waking up.
22. [X] just before bed.
23. [X] late at night.
24. [X] who I had just met
25. [X] who I really didn't want to kiss.
26. [X] just talking not dating.
27. [X] on a bed.
28. [ ] in a graveyard.
29. [X] at school.
30. [X] against a wall.
31. [ ] at a show.
32. [ ] at the beach.
33. [ ] at a concert.
34. [ ] in a pool.
35. [X] who was/is a good friend.
36. [X] in the rain.
37. [ ] with an std.
38. [ ] in the shower
39. [X] in a car/taxi/bus.
40. [X] in the movies.
41. [X] in a bathroom/laundry room
42. [X] in the dark.
43. [X] on a roof top.
44. [ ] under water
45. [ ] while driving
46. [ ] a stranger
47. [X] more than one person at once.
48. [ ] crying
49. [ ] goodbye forever
50. [ ] when i was drunk.
51. [ ] who didn't speak english
52. [ ] in a hot tub

Another one I stole from [~Second.String~]

Everyone has their firsts...

First best friend: Kristi?
First school: Valley Park
First kiss: Jacob Creasy
First concert: still waiting on that one
First screen name: mmmaybe Jean?
First Funeral: haven't been to one yet (not thrilled to attend one anytime soon)
First pet: Of all my own a mouse named Banzai, of the family's a cat named Liza (r. i. p. both of you)
First piercing/tattoo: Ears
First big trip: From Ketchikan to Oregon? Maybe?
First time out of the country: To Canada during summer after 5th grade
First job: See I walk this dog...

Everyone also has their lasts...

Last person you hugged: (brain explodes) Tawney? Maybe Zack?
Last person you kissed: Jacob Ausman
Last song you heard: A-Hole by Bowling For Soup
Last car ride: From the store to my house
Last time you cried: At the dinner table 'cause of my dad I think... (he hit a nerve hard)
Last flight: From Oregon to Ketchikan
Last movie you watched: Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest
Last food you ate: Chocolate chip ice cream cone I think
Last item bought: Movie tickets to see PotC2:DMC
Last Shirt Worn: light blue tank top
Last time at the mall: When I was at the bookstore last
Last drink: Dr. Pepper berries & cream
Last thing you typed: cream

Ooh, guess who I stole this from? Yep-- [~Second.String~]

Am I turned On/Off when a guy/girl...

Rides a skateboard: I don't think I care.

Dresses like a baller: That's an off one.

Dresses like a surfer bum: w/ Shirts: Off w/out shirts: On

Dresses in all black: I don't think I care again.

Plays a musical instrument: I'm all for that--on.

Is skinnier than you: I don't think I care. Yet again!

Is bigger than you: Again with the me caring not.

Is shorter than you: Probably that I don't care one.

Is taller than you: See above :D

Has straight teeth: As long as they HAVE teeth... and more than five, preferably even more than that.

Wears braces: Again with the not caring...

Has chapped lips: Considering I have chapped lips... no caring there.

Has green eyes: On, that's hot.

Has blue eyes: On, that too is hot.

Has brown eyes: On, that as well is hot.

Has long hair: On, that also is hot.

Has shaved hair: On, that is hot as well.

Drinks alcohol: WAAAAY OFF.

Smokes pot: OFF.

Smokes cigarettes: OFF.

Wears glasses: On, that's hot.

Has brown hair: On, that's hot too.

Has black hair: On, that's hot as well.

Has blonde hair: On, for that also is hot.

Has a tan: On, because that is hot too.

Works out: As long as they're not psycho about it--on.

Smiles alot: On, I like happy faces.

Calls you just to say hi: Way on baby!

Lets you know he was thinkin about you: Defintitely an on.

Compliments you: On, yeah that's an on.

Shaves his legs: ... uhm... I don't think I care?

Has facial hair: Depends very much on the guy.

Wears jewelry: I'm all for jewlery, but if he's wearing really girly jewlery I'm gonna be wondering about him...

Has bigger feet than you: I don't think I care... I have small feet so it's a good thing too.

Has smaller feet than you: Again with probably not caring but... yeah, small feet I do have.

Smiles when you walk into the room: On!

Dances well: I can't dance well, I'm not going to care if he can. If he can enjoy himself that's what counts.

Sings to you, or just in general: On? I don't know.

Calls you pet names: Depends on the petname... being called "honey" I don't mind but "snifferbuttcheeks" is sick and wrong.

Can make you laugh at any given moment: I don't know, I laugh really easy so I don't care

Is spontaneous: On, because then they can keep up with me! Woo!

Doesn't care what a lot of what people think: On, surely!

Virgin: Doesn't turn me OFF but doesn't really matter that much.

Loyal: On. Loyalty is good.

Laid back: Probably an on, like I said, I can be spontaneous, so... yeah

Doesn't party a lot: I don't think I care?

Laughs a lot: On, I like happy people

Believes in love at first sight/fate: ..... Again with me not cating!

I stole that from [~Second.String~] too... and this one here too:

What colour's your hair?: Dyed. To. Death.

Eyes? Hazel

Are you dating someone?: Yes

If yes, boy or girl?: boy

If no, which would you like to date?:

Are you male or female?: Female last I checked

Do you attend school?: Yes I do!

How old are you?: 15

What's your favorite colour?: Pink, black and green

What super power would you want?: Uhm... supah speed

Weapons of mass destrution or Powers of mass destruction?: Powahs

Weapons of great healing or Powers of great healing?: Powahs

Light or Dark?: Dark

Name your favorite actor/actress: Uma Thurman?

Favorite Animal?: I like my rat Kamikaze...

Favorite Video Game?: SSX Tricky or Capcom vs. SNK, yes, Capcom vs. SNK! Oh and Dynasty Warriors 3...

Music Artist?: I like music.

Movie?: The Grudge

Finally, what do you wish you could do beyond anything else?: Clear my head & help those I love

Okay enough of that. So I left Elftown for a reeeeally long time for no real reason, sorry about that one. Pretty sure I messaged everyone who's b-day I missed--sorry about that!! >< I'm a loser.
Best of my love besides;

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Written about Saturday 2005-08-06
Written: (5447 days ago)

I have recently foolishly taken on the task of making and judging a contest, and would like to take a moment to shameless advertise it here.

Come and have a look at Shion-san's Creative Contest and feel free to enter anything that follows the guidlines! Fantasy, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art and short stories are all accepted.

Thank you for your time!

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Written about Saturday 2005-07-23
Written: (5461 days ago)
Next in thread: 630710

Okay peoples; [jaderii] has finally gotten her contests together for voting. Being the good muffin I am, I'm notifying y'all.

Ja-Chan's Otaku Color Contest
Ja-Chan's Otaku Lineart Contest
Ja-Chan's Otaku Graphics Contest

[jaderii] and I encourage votes!

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Written about Wednesday 2005-05-04
Written: (5541 days ago)

We All Fall Down

It’s not like you to turn away
It’s not like you to cry your heart out
But everything has the chance to change
So don’t worry when your world crashes
Since nothing’s worth the carnage
Of this blacked out day

We all fall down, we all fall down
And when we finally hit the ground
We have the chance to cry or dance
Just long enough before
We have to pick ourselves up again
Then we walk on together or alone

When your knees are scraped
And your face’s a mess
And all those lies they said are true
You don’t have to be strong
And you don’t have to hold on
Just let go and wait for the best fall
I think you’re brain’s been raped

We all fall down, we all fall down
And when we finally hit the ground
We have a chance to die or lie
For hours and hours more
Then we should get off the floor
And see if we can make it on our own

I don’t need you
Or your lies on lies on lies
You’re so untrue
And I love your disguise
But this is not worth anything
And you’re already dead
So let’s leave each other
I’m down in lieu

We all fall down, we all fall down
I don’t feel for you anymore
As cold as my apathy makes me
I can still survive
Fall down, you’re worth it
Fall down, it’s worth it
Fall down, break down

Cry for the first time in years
Die for the first time in years
Beg, whine and feel alone
On the top bunk of a one-bedroom home

You can be anyone
You are like everyone
You can be anyone
You want to be
When you get back onto your feet

We all fall down
You can fall down too
Even when that means
Turning into something new
You can fall down too
I won’t watch

But you’ll understand
When you’re left alone
In the darkness
Of the prettiest
Flower on the moon
Will you still smile
When you’re filled with gloom

There’s room for you in Heaven
And there’s room for you in Hell
Let’s see where you go
When you’re down for the count

We all fall down
And sometimes we cry
And sometimes we wish
That no one would ever die
We all fall down
And sometimes we pray
And sometimes we scream
That nothing’s okay
We all fall down
And sometimes we’re gone
And sometimes we get up
And have to move on

We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down
We all fall down
And sometimes that’s okay.


poem. Between Hughes and my previous slump, it's rather actually perky, but relieving.

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Written about Monday 2005-02-14
Written: (5620 days ago)

He-yo! I haven't journaled in like, ever, so I figured I'd write about some stuff happening to me. For no real reason.
Lately I've been overloaded by schoolwork!! TT.TT Har har. Yeah, but I still get time to look at manga and buy stuff! Like... "Petshop of Horrors", "Tokyo Babylon", "Gravitation" and "Samurai Deeper Kyo" to name a few. I've been drawing a lot of weird stuff lately, but I haven't messed up too much... it's pretty cool. I write too much... ANYWAYS... I can't write anymore here because I am super busy. Ha ha.

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Written about Friday 2004-12-03
Written: (5693 days ago)

For anyone who comes here just passing through... Sorry there's not much here beyond poems.

Gray Scale Pain

I don’t hate people
I can’t hate at all
Somewhere under all this junk is a strict guideline
I think I made it up when I was eight
No way am I ever gonna hate
Nevertheless, I hurt
I hurt physically
In every way
All I do is hurt
All day, everyday
So this is what they meant by pain
Pain is all I have now
I hope it goes away soon
It’s killing me
Rule one: Breathe
Rule two: Don’t hate
Rule three: No disrespect
I don’t like these rules, but I try to follow
Why I made them up, I don’t know
But I have to do what I say
Or else I’ll wallow in pity
Die in a second under the pressure
Who said I had no reason to live
Well, that was me
I know, it’s bad
But I have to stay sad
If some one else is to see my smile
If I truly was happy
No one else would be
So I fake it all out
My mask is so pretty
Smiles and laughs
Like a straight line that goes on forever
I hope to kill this flower
I never liked roses
They gave me more pain
But I don’t like myself
So we must be the same
I never knew how much I was
Of all this gray scale pain

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