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Written about Tuesday 2010-06-29
Written: (3617 days ago)

Well, its been forever since I've been on and written anything.
New boyfriend :)
Left Joey a few weeks ago. It was just becoming annoying and agitating to be around him and he became aggressive and we had both just changed. I was looking for something a little more carefree, a relationship that could thrive by itself but him and I needed a lot of work and help. I lost interest.
School is out. Senior baby! :)
Happy with my new guy. He is older but its so much nicer :) He doesn't know the people I know, doesn't go through the same dramas. I like that. Conversation comes so easily. Its so easy to be around him. He puts a smile on my face constantly and he cares about me. a lot. and thats all I need :)

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Written about Wednesday 2009-11-11
Written: (3847 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2009-11-11
Written: (3847 days ago)

French Rap.
Basic of what they are saying is:
People keep calling the wrong number for the phone directory and getting the fire department who are answering dumb people saying things like being stranded on a toilet with no toilet paper. This is a video to infom all that 118 or un un huit (one one eight) or cent dix huit (one hundred eighteen). They say tattoo the number on you or put it in your undies... yea. Basically all.


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Written about Friday 2009-08-07
Written: (3942 days ago)

Bout to get my hair cut!

Can't wait until Laleigh gets here to do it... Hope my ass doesnt go numb sitting in my crappy kitchen chair while she does it

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Written about Sunday 2009-07-05
Written: (3976 days ago)

Well, Just got called trash by manu. Those who know manu will understand and those who don't should still get enough. He called me trash. Told my bf that dating trash like me doesn't make him a man it takes away from his manhood.

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Written about Monday 2009-02-16
Written: (4115 days ago)
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Written about Tuesday 2009-02-03
Written: (4128 days ago)

Okay,so heres the thing. Im in hell right now.. family life sucks. Something needs to give. So i started dating by baby like mid season. Sience we got together the steelers hadnt lost a game. well i was scared due to what im going thru that it might damage me and him.. well we won the superbowl and no i think its a sign.. together forever. Im ready to marry him. hes my life. its crazy. Ive known him less than a year and weve only been official for 2 months but hes mine.. forever and always mine. I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!

hes my baby,
i love you joey..
so so so much
<3 sadies

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Written about Sunday 2009-02-01
Written: (4130 days ago)

I love my babykins.. He is the only one here for me.. he'd go anywhere

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Written about Thursday 2009-01-22
Written: (4140 days ago)

I love my baby, sitting here in study thinking about my life. I love my baby..... SO SO SO much. he means so much to me.. its like CRAZY. But, i need him... not giving him up..... he is mine...

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Written about Saturday 2009-01-17
Written: (4145 days ago)

News travels slow to me I guess........ But last night I guess a girl on my street died....... The thing is we used to be friends... used to hang out at the bus stop. she started to hate me and I gave up hope... all i wanted was friend ship... too late.. :(

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Written about Monday 2008-12-22
Written: (4171 days ago)

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1) I have a boyfriend who will be my fiance asap
2) I want to name my first son Aiden
3)Im always bored... which shows my lack of intelligence
4) im going to college as an english major
5) I hate improper grammar
6) i only like my bf sometimes (he cant spelll)
7) I was jk.. he means the entire world to me
8) i was born via enduced labor 11 days early because my cord was wraped around my neck and i was suffocating
9) I love to read
11) i am starting a martial arts class to get back into shape
12) im going back into dance class
13) i play softball at school now
14) im a band geek who loves her clarinet
15) i turned 16 on monday
16) i have no permit yet(thank god for my boyfriend and his ford focus and lisence)

the unforgiven
auburn dork
clowd electric
rolln spirits

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