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Written about Saturday 2005-05-28
Written: (5624 days ago)


Freedom is never free
Freedom is paid for in blood
The blood of a many freemen
For Freedom to continue many more freemen
Blood will run in the name of Freedom
On the streets paved by Freedom
But is this price to high For there must be someone alive
To be free for Freedom to sustain
We must fight
We must kill
We must take freedom to have our own

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Written about Friday 2005-04-01
Written: (5682 days ago)

Enemy & Friend

Enemy and friend are so close
Our friends can one day turn into our enemy
So in the end we will all be enemys
All this happens just because someone says a lie
This lie we know is a lie but it makes us think
Makes us doubt each other weakens out trust
But if we try hard enough we can get through
Through the lies through the hate through our enemys
We will find happiness
We will find love
To find these things we need to trust each other
To be honest with each other and never keep secrets

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Written about Saturday 2005-03-19
Written: (5694 days ago)

Song/Poem of the moment on 3/15/05

I sit alone, cloaked in darkness
with my blackened heart;
It seems centuries away,
yet it was just today.

I walk alone on a seperate path
embodied by tears, and love,
though none is given; in return
I continue my lonely stroll.

Sitting, cloaked in darkness,
with my blackened heart,
like a broken violin
singing its tragic song.

The leaves around me whither,
like grapes they shrivel
to the ground.

I walk alone,
cloaked in darkness,
with my blackened heart.

  --Allie[Nostalgic Beauty]

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Written about Tuesday 2005-01-25
Written: (5747 days ago)


What is this thing you ask.
Hate is what drives us to kill
Its what we must have
If we didn't hate the world would crumble in rainbows
We all love to hate
Hate is a wonderful thing
Hate makes us do what we would never do with out it
It pushes us to extreams
Hate kills us all one day
Hate is my bliss
Hate has drowned me in blood
Hate is ME
This is my last day

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Written about Tuesday 2005-01-25
Written: (5747 days ago)

Longing (my wife gave me the name for it)

I long for War
You long for Peace
I long for Death
You long for Life
I long for Hate
You long for Love
I long for Darkness
You long for light
I long for nothing
You long for everything
In the end we will never get all or even one of
the things we long for. Why do we have longings?

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Written about Tuesday 2005-01-25
Written: (5747 days ago)


what is this you ask.
Life is a blissful cold slap in the face.
Life is what drives us all to continue.
Not just to end it all here and now.
Life if we knew our future we would end it all this joke called life.
If we knew what life was we would not bring it to this horrid world of war, death heartbreak, lying, and backstabbing. You know who you are! I am done with this life the only thing left to do is donate it to the protection and hope of a better future for our children that will never be.

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