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Written about Friday 2010-03-19
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Why is my diary Green?

Not that I'm objecting. Those are my crest-colors, anyway. I just wonder why there's a green-theme going along with fae. I mean, yeah, there are a good number of them that live on land, but not all of them do. Merfolk, selkies, kelpies, finfolk (which I just learned about,) and probably a lot more. So why green? Why not something like red, for all that they seem to hate/eat humans? Or blue for the water fae? Or even black because the diversity is so much so that we could not possibly assign a color that represents all of the fae in one? Unless you're willing to tell me that Roiben (Holly Black's Tithe) and the Erl King (I forget the lyricist, but the composer is Schubert) are both represented by the color green? Then, of course, I would have to ask why. And I would hope you could defend it.

I think green should no longer be associated with fae, unless it is a representation of that specific faerie's culture or country/court. Green is overrated, I tell you, and I'm sure the Winter Court would agree. No more green.

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