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Written about Saturday 2010-10-23
Written: (3188 days ago)
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Well thank you Dear, I really appreciated that! *Gives a little kiss...*

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Written about Monday 2010-01-11
Written: (3474 days ago)

Yes, It was great fun, to be busy coloring and resculpting Drazan in ZBrush.
But, if I want to animate Drazan properly, I need some more practice.
So, I created "Umi" as my 3D animation study character.
I make Umi without cloth (maby later), texture or stucture, just a simple figure, so I can make him walking, dancing, fooling around and even talking!!
So, what's your first impression of Umi?

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Written about Saturday 2008-11-15
Written: (3896 days ago)


Finally, it's voiting time for the ECM Elf Photo Voting

  Detholalle (Your Choice) Urmando
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Written about Monday 2008-11-10
Written: (3901 days ago)
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According to [Hedda] is an Orc kill picture of mine, in the Google Top... BUYAAAH!!!


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Written about Sunday 2008-09-14
Written: (3958 days ago)
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Gee, Still need to complete 2 assignments FAAAAST!
And NO MORE assignments anymore.... period!
Cause the need to make my 3D graphic stills and animations is overwhelming!!
New idea's and storyboards keep flowing out of my mind on a daily basis....

Oh my, I guess, my 3D idea's are harassting me...<img:44166_1164145262.gif>

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Written about Sunday 2008-08-10
Written: (3993 days ago)

Urmando 3D is starting to look like the Character I have in my mind.
Still a lot to do, like skin shine, *Real hair* little skin improvement
And of course: the cloth! he will wear!

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Written about Sunday 2008-04-13
Written: (4112 days ago)

Wow, technology is getting better and better these day's
Stair walking and dancing robots.....! So Cool!!!



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Written about Monday 2008-01-21
Written: (4195 days ago)

Gee, talking about an Art Attack....(BIG)sigh...:

ManDrake is the main Character of an 3D animation I'm working on lately...
The process of creating his world, the story/animation
might take a lot of months or even a year.
But... I'm very determined to accomplish this animation
It means a great deal to me, I just follow my heart,
And then... it's not so hard anymore

When the animation is ready, I will place an URL link
from my website to my ET house for everyone to see!


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Written about Sunday 2007-10-07
Written: (4301 days ago)
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Finally, the interior of my house is getting back to it's original state, after my move 1st of September.
My art studio room is now finished for 90%!
So, SOON I can be back in Art business, AND....
This feels so Fi Fa F*cking GOOD! (grins)

Alright then my ET friends, beware of my new idea's
soon to be seen here in my house!

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Written about Monday 2007-04-23
Written: (4468 days ago)

BOOOOO Hoo Hoo Hoooo...
The Elf Fantasy Fair weekend is over now, It was so nice, so COOL.. (as ever)...very warm too...hmmpff!
And, it's alway's nice to meet Elftowners in person cq Fantasy Character here at the EFF!
Anyway, I will place my new Photo's soon in my House, this week....

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Written about Sunday 2007-02-25
Written: (4525 days ago)
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To all my ET friends,

Yes I know, I havn't updated my house lately....
Not much NEW art to see at my house....
See it as "the eye of the storm"
There is new art on the way, especially what I'm
learning at the SAE institute with 3D animation (Maya 8.0)
And yes..... Overthere, I have this urge to be the best
in my class as well! And it's feels


Me Urmando, me has spoken!

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Written about Tuesday 2007-01-23
Written: (4558 days ago)
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Last tuesday the 16th of January, my dad died, heartattack...
And yesterday I burried him the 22th....pweeew...
He was not sick in bed, no pain, he just past away suddenly at the age of 68... (just as he wanted it)
And I will allway's support my mom as much as I can...

You will alway's stay in my heart and mind dad...

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Written about Thursday 2006-11-23
Written: (4619 days ago)
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Yep, to bad to sad...
But at the moment I have to deal with priorities in life!
Their might be a change that I can get a job as a 3D visualiser, in a small city, close to my hometown.
But this require's two 3D architectual inpressions I have to come up with in a very short time....

So no entry for the Fantasy Portrait Contest
this time...

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Written about Sunday 2006-07-30
Written: (4735 days ago)
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Thinks are better now, I have accepted the situation
that I will only stay friends with her!
She is not for me, 21 years younger then me...
So I banned this wish TOTALLY out of my system!

When some one might tell me:"When you will live together
with her, who know's what could happend!"
I will NOT accept this idea, (Been there, done that, no more!)

And Now I have accepted this, just friends, I'm in peace with myself again, and with Alexandra....Pffft!


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Written about Thursday 2006-07-27
Written: (4737 days ago)
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Now I feel sooooooooo Stupit! Next month I will move in
with Alexandra (the girl from the Kung Fu school)
Just as good friends...... This is financial better for the
both of us. The last 2 weeks I worked hard with her father,
for her house make over.....
And what happend in the meantime?
She get's a new boyfriend....autsh....

Like I said before:
Why am I helping her?
Why am so nice to her?
Why do I have these unanswered feelings?
Why is this happening?
Why this pain?


Why do I live........
I don't know anything............anymore.........
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Written about Tuesday 2006-06-20
Written: (4775 days ago)
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Why did I made the same old mistake again...?
I finally found a very nice girl at the Kung Fu school...
And all she sees me is like a special friend...
So, no sex, no relation, just good friends...

Why do I alway's have to be so danm polite, nice and understanding to a Pretty girl?
Sometimes, she talks to me about boy's, if I am one of her
lady friends..AAAAARRRRGGGGGG.......
Ok, ok, a good friendship is also very important, but I'm
allready a special friend to several lady friends...
This is not what I need.... now....
To be a special friend.....again!
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Written about Tuesday 2006-05-23
Written: (4803 days ago)
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My whole life is upside down now. BUUYAAH!!!!
Last Sunday, I was at a 3D animation workshop at the
SAE institute in Amsterdam.
Because of a 20 weeks course of Cinema 4D 9.6 (3D program)
Here I heard for the first time that SAE will start this
year twice, a 18 months education for Animation and Games Programming.

This Education is quit simulair to the one of Gnomon in LA!
So... When I have sold my house, and I move to a little town close to Amsterdam, I can follow this education in Holland!

Besides that: In Heemstede (town close to A'dam) is also
the AMEK Medieval swordfight school!
So I choose for this little city....
Everythings falls so great together in one piece!
I'm a very happy Elf now!!!

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Written about Monday 2006-05-15
Written: (4811 days ago)
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Now, I have come to a point in my life, I must CHANGE some habbits of mine...
I'm getting weak, addicted to Elftown,
Don't take care of my balance book
Not busy enough with my Webpage design course...

In other words: If I continue with this.... I can kiss my ass goodbye!!!!!


1.Won't be so much on elftown no more..
(don't worry, I'll be here, but not so much as before)
2.Be busy with my balance book on a daily basis
3.Same with my webpage design course.
4.Study more my 3D progams

What if:

1.I'm for hours a day on Elftown,
2.Don't take care of my finances,
3.Only busy with Photoshop,
4.No webdesign course,
5.Don't take care of my responcebilities????????

1.Major PAIN!
2.Life is going down the drain
3.No job as a webpage designer.
4.No job as a 3D character artist
5.No money... (AAARRRHHH)
6.No Girlfriend.... (Hmpfff)


Use this as a major leveraige to swing your life in the RIGHT direction!!!!!!!!
And, keep your Focus on your dreams, FONZ!!!!!!!!!!

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Written about Tuesday 2006-05-02
Written: (4824 days ago)
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This week I started to collect names from the Kung Fu school students, they could write on the Passe partout. Which I will use for my Dragons Art piece.
It will be a present for Siu Long's first Born, on behalf of the Kung Fu school!

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Written about Wednesday 2006-04-12
Written: (4844 days ago)
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Now, you can see my first new Artwork in my House, as a WIP!
The inking is ready, now the coloring can start!!!

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