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Written about Friday 2008-04-25
Written: (4318 days ago)


I'm so terrible.
I've conformed...

I got Facebook

*Is ashamed of self*

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Written about Wednesday 2008-03-05
Written: (4369 days ago)

Hehe I found this description of a Saggi somewhere, and while I'm generally anti astrology, I agreed with quite a bit of this, and I found it really flattering... so how could I resist? =)

Spontaneous. High appeal. Rare to find. Great when found. Loves being in long relationships. So much love to give. A loner most of the time. Loses patience easily and will not take crap. If in a bad mood stay FAR away. Gets offended easily and remembers the offense forever. Loves deeply but at times will not show it feels it is a sign of weakness. Has many fears but will not show it. VERY private person. Defends loved ones will all their abilities. Can be childish often. Not one to mess with. Very pretty. Very romantic. Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique appeal. Most caring person you will ever meet! Amazing in bed..!!! Not the kind of person you want to mess with- you might end up crying.

Hehe it makes me sound so great =)

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Written about Monday 2007-12-03
Written: (4462 days ago)


Hey people, would you do this? It's real important to some friends of mine. Thanks =)

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Written about Wednesday 2007-11-28
Written: (4466 days ago)
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Written about Monday 2007-11-12
Written: (4483 days ago)
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Hello dear children

Away in Melbourne all this week and then away for about a week after that, so I won't be on as obsessively =) Sorry!

<3 Nikki xoxo

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Written about Friday 2007-10-26
Written: (4500 days ago)
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Gah! Got "hymn" stuck in my head. Not an actual hymn so much, but the parody at out satirical assembly yesterday, mocking the schools whole christian propaganda thing this year. With lines such as "God's my mate and his craze fuels the cult of '07" (chorus) and "HOLLY is the Lord. The whole school sings, the whole school sings..." (bridge). Bleh chapel at skewl, not normally that bad til was taken over by Christian propaganda (due to new-ish teacher), forcing us to sing what the Rev calls "Jesus-is-my-boyfriend songs". But t'was a beautiful rip-off :D

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Written about Monday 2007-10-22
Written: (4503 days ago)
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Mwahaha go boredom! I'm puttin up my customised elementology profile, so you can all see how awesome I am (and how nice my chem teacher is, having done one for all of us)

"Elementology: Why look to the stars when we can look to the building blocks of matter- the elements?

Birth Month: December
Elemental Sign: Magnesium
~You are a strong character and extremely generous and protective to your friends (Mg is often a sacrificial anode)
~You are most definitely a 'greenie' (chlorophyll is a Mg centred porphyrin)
~You cope well in crises and often save the day (Mg flares)
~You can be a little temperamental (incendiary bombs)
Chef, caterer, market gardener, trouble shooter, service industries, youth work, teacher.
Friends and Partners
You get on well with the elements of life: carbon (June), nitrogen (July), oxygen (August) and hydrogen (January).

">Birth Day: 10
Influence: Neon
Underneath your calm, stable exterior a bright light is hiding and it only takes a spark to fire you up! (Neon lights!) Your mere presence lights up the lives of those around you. You are not easily phased and cope well with whatever life has in store for you."

Haha yup! You heard it here first, folks, elementology! Gotta love my chem teacher =) For more details on our chem graduation, just see the entry below :D You know you want to...
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Written about Monday 2007-10-22
Written: (4504 days ago)

Chemistry Graduation...

Mwahaha chemistry graduation today!!!

Not our last chem lesson ever, but our last with our teacher, cause she's off playin with kindy kids or some such in our last lesson; but our second last lesson. Hence we had our chemistry graduation! See, this is what happens when you have a class so crazy as ours =)

Our chemistry graduation comprised of the following:
~Well firstly, we thought it needed to be a much more formal occassion. Not having our blazers (clearly; beh, blazers) and our leavers jumpers feeling inadequate, we opted for a uniform including lab coats and safety goggles.
~We were then called up one by one to a round of applause, to be anointed with a burette and recieve a brownie recipe/organic chem worksheet (which we were s'posed to do, but clearly didn't) and our own personal elementology profile, which we recieved with a handshake, photographed by those random people who had cameras for no reason.
~Feeling the ocassion not yet well enough documented, we drifted outside (still in our lovely chem graduation uniforms) to be photographed on the steps outside the science department, to many odd looks from some little people doing random biology stuff.
~We then returned to our classroom to eat celebratory brownies (our chem teacher makes the best brownies) and play chemistry hangman, with such fun things as "dissociation" "phenolphthalein" (which no-one could spell, myself clearly included =P) and "Mr Haughton's chemisty class is pHun"
~After that, we mostly just chatted bout random crap such as leavers and all sorts of things that were "fun-with-a-pH"

Haha we are such randoms...

Chemistry is pHun!!! =P
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Written about Friday 2007-10-19
Written: (4506 days ago)

Random bored Googling...

Very bored... my friend told me to google her... damn what she started... 44 for her, crazy celebrity girl =P 1 for me, that was actually me; 12 or so of my dad (crazy celeb guy); and upon my boredom... googled the girl possibly in more of my classes than any other person I can think of... 900+. But she actually is famous, so that kind of makes sense lol. I mean, almost 1000 may not be that much compared to actual celebrities... but it's pretty impressive nonetheless.

Just thought I'd comment on that...
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Written about Monday 2007-10-08
Written: (4518 days ago)

This is a tribute to three people who have died recently.

Firstly, a friend of a friend of my Dad's. He had been looking forward to coming up north to take his two sons, 17 and 19, fishing for ages. My Dad spoke to him at his mate's 50th and this guy was just so excited. He and his sons got wiped off Garth Rock by a king wave and he was knocked unconscious. His younger son was able to throw out one of the recently-installed life rings, which kept the brother afloat, who was holding his unconscious father for 2 1/2 until help arrived. The father died, and may he RIP.

Secondly, the footballer, media personality, and all around great guy Chris Mainwaring. Born Dec 27 1965, Mainy was an inaugural West Coast Eagle, playing from 1987-1999. Since then, he has been a sports reporter on Channel 7, as well as being heavily involved in the club. He has been gracing our TV screens for the past 15 years, outside of his football career and was a great guy who would do anything for anyone. He was the heart and soul of the West Coast Eagles football club, and will be greatly missed by everyone. He died early last Monday morning. RIP Mainy, tragically taken from us aged only 41.

And lastly, Cara Donda. Her family went up to Red Bluff on the weekend, and one of her older sisters, having just gotten her Ps, was driving back along a dirt road yesterday. There was a soft spot and she over-corrected causing the car to roll. Her little sister Cara died as a result of the roll, aged 13. May she also RIP.

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Written about Tuesday 2007-09-18
Written: (4538 days ago)

Mwahaha random chem-notey-ness =P

Just thought I'd share something amusing I found going through my chemistry notes:

Electronegativity increases across a period because: increasing nuclear charge, same amount of children.

Wtf? Children??? hahaha have no idea where the hell that came from... but tis rather random and gave me some amusement =P And if you don't care, then thats your problem, I just though it deserved some kind of mention...
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Written about Monday 2007-09-17
Written: (4539 days ago)
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Global Warming

Okay, this is probably one of my view that is the most difficult to explain properly, but I'm going to try.

I disagree with mainstream global warming views.

By that, I'm not saying it doesn't exist. Fair enough, I think there's reasonable evidence to suggest we are undergoing some form of climate change. However, I'm not going to suddenly agree with everything they tell us. I've been taught to look beyond the surface and to criticise the views forced on us by society.

I have yet to see any solid proof that global warming is caused by humans. Personally, I think that we are rather full of ourselves to assume that it's all our fault. Yes, I do agree that with our carbon-consuming ways we are doing avoidable damage to the atmosphere, not to mention other aspects of the environment, though I'll save my argument on that for another time. I'm not saying we're not causing it, we've screwed up enough things on this planet, who's to say we can't add a few more things to that list. However, until I see some sort of data proving we do, I'm not going to say that we are causing it. If anyone can show me that, great, I'll believe it.

If anyone dares comment on this using Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth as the primary source of their information, I will likely laugh and then shoot them. Seriously, that just made me laugh how he has put so much of his life fighting for this cause, and yet I, a seventeen-year-old high school student, can find so many scientific and mathematical flaws the his argument without even trying. Seriously: misleading graphs, mathematical assumptions that my maths teacher would quite literally KILL me for (ie assuming that correlation=causation, extrapolating from data, and by 50 years at that(!) and so on) and also if I remember rightly, misleadingly misquoting statistics. But before I sound too much like I'm attacking Gore personally, can I just say bloody good on him, finding an important environmental issue he's passionate about and going and educating all those ignorant little American's about it, that's admirable to say the least.

But seriously, why would you automatically assume that this major world-wide thing is caused entirely by us? I mean, are we that desperate to make ourselves seem so important? What I want to know, is whether there's any proof that this climate change is not just part of a natural change? I mean, the Earth's climate has basically been constantly changing since time begun (whether you're an evolutionist or a creationist) so I think it seems more likely that this is just a part of that natural change. The only climate cycles this recent change has been compared to is that of the past 100 000 years or so. This damn planet's been around a hell of a lot longer than that. Does anyone realise how different the world's climate is now to, say, when the dinosaurs were around? Antarctica (ie that big white thing on the bottom of the map, where it's so cold that on the rare occasion it snows, the second it makes contact with the ground it turns to ice. compact, solid ice), once upon a time that was covered in tropical rain forest. As in warm, humid, lots of rain. Slightly different to today I think...

Also, how many of you have heard about the global warming they're currently experiencing on Mars? Anyone? Please, raise your hands. No-one? Well over the past 30 or so years, the average temperature on Mars has gone up by exactly the same amount as here. Coincidence? Well, it's debatable. But its probably either all those damn Martians and their excessive carbon-combustion, or maybe an increased effect of our pollution, so bad we've managed to ruin another planet's climate as well as our own. One guy, Dr Abdussamatov (very smart guy, head of lots of space-related projects, physicist, mathematician) thinks it suggests solar irradiation as the cause for both planets' change in climate. Now, if he's right, the warming temperature has resulted in the increased carbon dioxide levels (which is logical, higher temperatures cause the ocean to release dissolved CO2). Also, if he's right, it means that in under 10 years temperatures are likely to start dropping, and we might even be lucky enough to get a mini ice age. Yay! If you're interested in reading a little more about this, go read this lovely little article I found:

Hm, well I've lost my train of thought now, but that's me trying to summarise my possibly slightly controversial view on global warming. Any comments or arguments (though not so much abuse) on my thoughts are most welcome. I just get sick of trying to explain it to individuals all the time so I figured I'd just shove it here =)

Anyway, hopefully that's made you think a little and maybe question mainstream view a bit. If I've managed that much, I'll be happy with this little ramble.
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Written about Monday 2007-09-17
Written: (4539 days ago)
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Just something that really annoys me. What I really don't get is people who put up pictures of themselves on their house, and then in the little image description thing, tell people all about why they should ignore it. "This is me, but it was 3 years ago, and I was going through a really bad time, and I'd just been beaten up by my next-door neighbour's kitten, and since then I've lost 40kgs and had plastic surgery, so I really don't look like this any more."

Seriously people, what is the point? If you're so unhappy with that photo as a representation of you, DON'T PUT IT UP!!!!!!

And that's about all I have to say on that right now...
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