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Written about Saturday 2007-08-18
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I'm back!! I've been away from elftown for quite a while, I don't know what happened, college i suppose. Lots has happened while I was away, I guess that prevented me from spending time on here. Well, when I tried to get back after about a half a year, I couldn't get on my old account anymore.
It still exists, but I can't go in anymore..
very odd, but I have a new one now, and I'll try to be on here more often!
I hope I can find a nice RPG again, I used to love to RPG, still do actually, but haven't done it in aages.
So hope I can find one, I love making up characters.
At the moment I'm studying for my repeats, they start thuesday agh!
I'm really getting sick of so I'll be glad when it's over!!
Going to Ireland in september, only 20 days left YAY!
Have been counting like crazy, I have the strange feeling that time goes faster when I count the days.
Well it's going to be a big thing going there, cause I will find out something important. It's a long story to tell, so I won't tell it, but wish me luck anyway! If all goes well, it will make me one happy girl.
Hmm I'm rather bored at the moment, think I'll go rent a movie if there's nothing on tv, cause my parents are out to celebrate my moms birthday and my bro is off somewhere playing football.
It's closing in an hour, so I better end here!

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