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Written about Saturday 2007-09-29
Written: (4456 days ago)

This is Sarah I finally got a computer to talk on lol My ex boyfriend Dark_Omens is now dating a 14 year old kid and he is in college? He took her across state lines and mad her run away to. Her mom got mad and she is back. Shouldn't he go to jail? She already had a kid and maybe he just wanted little girls all the time?

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Written about Wednesday 2007-06-27
Written: (4550 days ago)

Well I talked to my mom (what a joke lol) last night. She still don't get it. She can be as cool as she wants to, but it ain't about her. lol My little sister called me tonight too but I don't care. I am almost 18 and I don't care lol

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Written about Thursday 2007-06-21
Written: (4555 days ago)

I guess you all are wondering where I have been? lol I am going through an "It's all about me" thing. lol My stupid mom is pissed because I ran away from home twice last month and she doesn't want to give it up that at 17 I can do what I want. It's really funny watching her send state cops and shit to all my friends' houses trying to find me because she don't know why I left. lol My dad came to find me but when I found out SHE was in the car? NO WAY!! lmao She will just tell me to go home and finish school and shit and I know what I am doing! I can make it on my own! I told these idiots out here that I was almost 19 and they believed it!! lmao I can't help that I couldn't get to school (because I ran lol ) and now I guess I will permanently be a junior for the rest of my life but fuck that!! lol I can do that some other time. My grandma's sister died and even she couldn't get me to come to the funeral even though she loast two of her sisters and her mom in the past few months!! PARTY!!! lmao I will tell my mom and my grandma some day when I come home (and I know the stupid bitch will let me back in! lol) that I am SO sorry that I hurt them (NOT!! lol) and scarred them but I don't care! lol I get to smoke and drink and sleep with the guys I want and not be told to clean my room and be a good girl and shit! lol I will write again when I can! I might have to go to jail for B&E, but who cares?!? It's summer and we are YOUNG!! lol

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