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Written about Thursday 2010-05-06
Written: (3679 days ago)

With your thumb shoved up your ass
is where you sit and wait
Its obvious her nasty crotch
has sealed your fuckin fate
You threw away your wife,
your son and daughter too
After 'momma' died,
what else was there to do?
You tried to vent your anger
on the walls at first,
then moved on to us,
which only hurt us worse.
You promised us it wasn't true,
just a spider spinning lies,
obviously the web was a blindfold
to our loving eyes.
You have yet to say your sorry
for the shit you put us through
But when she leaves your sorry ass
Im gonna be laughin' at you!

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Written about Thursday 2010-02-04
Written: (3770 days ago)

We talked for 3 and a half hours...things have begun to look up for me...wow...so in love...I love you Devin!

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Written about Wednesday 2010-02-03
Written: (3771 days ago)

We just got off the phone once again...only talked for about three hours...the question was popped and now we r engaged! I never thought I would find another love like this...wow...it feels like im racing to catch up with my body lol! I love you Devin Michael Gifford!

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Written about Tuesday 2010-02-02
Written: (3772 days ago)

Just got off the phone with him roughly 30 mins ago....we talked for about five hours....he is sooo...i dont even kno a word that describes him....I wish he was here to wrap his arms around me and let me know everything was okay....we talked in third person this evenin lol it was pretty funny...hes such a cutie....I love him

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Written about Monday 2010-02-01
Written: (3773 days ago)

Okay, well here goes nothing...

I talked to him last night for pretty much 4 hours....I think I may be in love with him....The way he says my name, and his voice....it's so....I dunno...I got cold chills when he laughed and got choked up when he said he loved me...This is madness...wow...

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Written about Thursday 2009-12-31
Written: (3805 days ago)

beginnin to wonder how she can always be so sleepy...

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Written about Thursday 2009-12-31
Written: (3805 days ago)

wow...i havent wrote for a long time on here...well today has been horrible...he hates me now...i guess thats all that matters...im so sick of his crap anyway...

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Written about Tuesday 2009-05-26
Written: (4024 days ago)
Next in thread:

Does anyone out there even care about me??

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Written about Tuesday 2008-12-09
Written: (4191 days ago)

well..I found out today that the one dude I ever cared about hates me with a passion so....Today is definatly not a good day for me..

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Written about Thursday 2008-12-04
Written: (4196 days ago)

my mom got her nose bloodied by a dumbass whore last night...i'm so pissed<img:44166_1164145272.gif>

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