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Written about Tuesday 2013-12-31
Written: (2668 days ago)

You know

I blocked all this out for a reason.

fucking one way ticket to
a box full of shit from my past
that I have lied to myself about for years.

smoke and mirrors.

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Written about Monday 2013-12-30
Written: (2669 days ago)

The pheonix
As a fleck of blue heat,
a bird's schematic
that brightens in an oxygen rush

Does it grow up to do all the same things?

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Written about Monday 2010-11-08
Written: (3817 days ago)


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Written about Friday 2010-11-05
Written: (3820 days ago)

i didn't want to be one of those adults who wishes they could go back..

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Written about Tuesday 2008-12-02
Written: (4523 days ago)

Does death not cling to me?

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Written about Sunday 2008-08-17
Written: (4630 days ago)

part two needs to come a little quicker.

Damn, your heart is racing.
What is it about August?
I seem to hate every season except summer.
I wish I could write.

Nothing by Clive Barker

After a battle lasting many ages,
The Devil won,
And he said to God
(who had been his Maker)
We are about to witness the unmaking of Creation
By my hand.
I would not wish you
To think me cruel,
So I beg you, take three things
From this world before I destroy it.
Three Things, and then the rest will be
Wiped Away."

God thought for a little time.
And at last He said:
"No, there is nothing."
The Devil was surprised.
"Not even you, Lord?" he said.
And God said:
Not even me."

-from Memories of the World's End
Author Unknown
(Christopher Carrion's favorite poem)

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Written about Tuesday 2008-08-05
Written: (4642 days ago)


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Written about Saturday 2007-12-15
Written: (4876 days ago)

You make me want to scream the nastiest things.

Keep this blood pumping, baby, its been such a long time since my heart has known a beat.

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Written about Saturday 2007-10-13
Written: (4938 days ago)

I speak nothing.
I know nothing.

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Written about Wednesday 2007-09-12
Written: (4970 days ago)

what have you done?

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Written about Sunday 2007-08-19
Written: (4993 days ago)
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Is this love, hitting me in the face?
What has got me smiling and never shutting up, sing-song clear gold cupids nectar jeweled chorus rinestone glistening bodies and kisses sweeter than any anything ever tasted?

maybe lust.

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