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Written about Tuesday 2004-10-12
Written: (5786 days ago)
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well im going home to nj today. YAY! now i can go home and see my dearest ryan.
im so friggin tired of not being able to sleep in late...and im tired of staying up so late..so now when i get home i can go sleep and do whatever!
YAY!! :) i am a happy person now.
this past week and a half has been crazy,tireing,boring,and annoying at times, i dont kno when ill be coming back up to nj but i hope in the summer i am bacause even though i dont have the patients(didnt spell right) for some people i still love'em
so yea.
the part that sucks is that 2-3 days after i get home my other gramma and grampa from fl are coming up to see us in nc. and me and my nana jus do not get along one bit.
itll be lik WW III. honestly it will be. i dont know what to do. i cant lock myself in my room because shes gotta sleep in there...cant lock the bathroom because it desnt have a lock...cant lock myself in my brothers room because he has no doorknob....cant lock myself in my moms room because shed kill me and its her room...and i pretty much have no option to choose from. life sucks damn it!

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Written about Saturday 2004-09-25
Written: (5802 days ago)

hey well last night was pretty long!!
it was fun but LONG!
me and 2 friends(jessika and danielle) wen to the bowling alley in high point,nc and we were meeting a bunch of other people there (well who ever we knew that was jus goin to com neway) and so jeremy and kevin and kevins friend and this other guy andre was there too so we were all hanging out and then jessikaz parentz came(b/c of her damn cousin) and got pissed off and took jessika and her sis and bro in law and said to me and danielle "You two are going to have to find your own way home!" and got pissed and left. so now its me danielle kevin jeremy and andre and kevins friend,so we're all just hanging out in the bowling alley just talking and stuff. so now jeremy and them want to go to this place called "the pitt" i dont kno wut it is but they asked us if we wanted to com and we were lik "nah, we're fine thanks though. but u guys go one well b fine." well now kevin doesnt want to leave us and andre wasnt goin neways so jeremy and kevins other friend went off and left after lik 45 minutes so were still jus hanging out and talkin and singin asnd stuff. so then i find out that danielle is there to meet this guy that andre is tryin to hook her up with and they took lik 4 hours to get there and when they finally got there it was about 11:30 pm and me and danielle needed a ride home from there and andre asks this guy that he was goin to hook danielle up wit ad he says "Sure just let me go get some gas." so he leaves to go get gas BUT never came back! so then were there for about 10 more minutes and andre sees one of his other friends and asks him to give us a ride home and so he does and we take danielle bak 1st b/c she had midnight curfue and her dad was pissed b/c a bunch of guys gave her a ride home (not includeing me). so then he asks me where i live and i tell him and hes lik where the hell is that and im lik "do u know where the middle school is?" and hes lik "yea" so i tell him to go there and then hes lik "WOA! u live way out there? do u hav any money?" and im lik " yea its pretty far from here, no sry i don t hav any $ with me i left my purse in my friends car" hes lik "ok" so we get near my house and theyre lik "do we hav to run this time lik we did at danielles?" and im lik "nah u'll b fine" so we get there and im lik " thank you soo much for takin me home im sorry i made u com all the way out here!" hes lik " its ok no problem bye" and that was it
but i mean for my friends dad to leave me there when i was supposed to go home with her
sry but hes a dick sometimes!

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Written about Saturday 2004-05-22
Written: (5929 days ago)

yesterday/last night i got a phone call
it was a 10-11 year old kid with an attitude
he said alot of disrespactful things that i never thought would come out of a childs mouth
before he hung up the phone he said that he was going to rape me and then called me alot of mean and bad things when he doesn't even know me
i woundered how he got my phone number because it wasnt in the phone book and no one else in my family gave my phone number out
right now its all a mystery!

a poem or sumthin called:mystery call
by:Brittany Marie Rydzfski

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Written about Saturday 2004-04-17
Written: (5964 days ago)

sheesh i gotta babysitt today.
i gotta babysit my lil bro and his friend today its gunna really suck and b a bit hard(im really not lookin forward to today) i mean ive never babysat sum1 elses kid b4 only my sibs neways ttyl

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