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Written about Sunday 2005-05-01
Written: (5742 days ago)

right now, our house is being submitted in a competition for a new model kitchen. there is a guy round here quizzing us, and GEEZ hes gorgeous. perhaps i should show him my bedroom.... XD

- the ruhr crisis was in 1923 and caused by french invaded the ruhr when germany couldnt afford to pay reparations. no resources were being exported to germany, so prices went up. govt tried to print more money which led to hyperinflation. this was solved when stresemann signed the dawes plan, introduced the renten mark and ordered the strikers to work.

sorry guys i have an important history exam coming up, im revising any way i can. XD

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Written about Thursday 2005-03-31
Written: (5774 days ago)
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you meet some interesting people round here dont ya? i wonderif anybody is actualy reading this. OOH poems. il get them in a sec. coz yknow, if you read this youl see just how random i am. *points to the ponder questions in the previous entry* i rest my case!

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Written about Tuesday 2005-03-22
Written: (5783 days ago)

ok so ive been on elftown now for......half an hour. its 11:30am and im wondering what the fuck im doing here when i could be asleep now. it says that my diary is sad and empty. so if i submit this now does that make it happy and full?
there are some things ive always wondered. if you have ever said 'gordon bennet!' as an exclamation, dont you ever wonder who gordon bennet is? and pete from the exclamation 'oh, for pete's sake!!' WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE?! if you know, or are one of them, please make yourselfs known and then il decide whether i can still use these exclamtions or not hehe!
other things ive ever pondered:
- why is when you ring the wrong number, the person you call is always at home? and when you ring the right number, the person is normally out?
- why does toast always land always land butter side down?
- if a tree snaps, and nobody is around to see or hear it, does it make a noise?
-how the hell can the meaning of life be 42??

yeah. i know. sad right? but im sleep deprived, that has to count for something. 

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