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Written about Tuesday 2008-07-29
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THIS IS MY LIFE : it's going good,i still need a job,i miss my brother(billy).i have good friends,my mom is cool,my lil sis can be a butt head some times but i still love her...now 2 the love of my life.her name is jess.i miss her so much.i wisk she was in my arms right now she knows i will never let her go and i know the same 4 her....it's hard when shes not here with me.it makes me upset but i also know if i need her shes just a phone call or a dream away..i love u so much jess your my everything and i thank you 4 being with me,giving everything i need in life,leting me come in your life and 4 giving me a new life with u.i miss u and love u so much jess <3..

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