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Written about Wednesday 2005-02-02
Written: (5492 days ago)

This was copied and pasted from my main journal at xanga. I finally got into wrestling school and im so happy about it so id thought id post it here. First itll be frinds only so they know about it then its going public.

Ill start out by saying, last night was the most painfull night of my life. The 2 trainers werent there cause they went to California to do somthing with Raw. So It was just the students training the students, so I was kinda scared. The back of my hip (If there is such a place) is all swollen and bruised from bouncing of the ropes. Wich by the way is steel cable wrapped in hard plastic. Then we did lots of cardio. Running, running sideways, some leg thingies, and worst of all push ups. I dont know what im gonna do about the push up thing... Let me explain. When I was in military school for 3 months we had to do push ups every day. That whole time I couldnt even do one. I even practiced on the weekend too cause I was sick of getting yelled at all the time for not being able to do a push up. So every day for 3 months I tried and tried and tried and was never able to do one. Not even half of one. I could do about 1/4 of a push up. And thats what I was doing in wrestling school yesterday. Im gonna keep on trying, but I dunno if Ill ever be able to do it. Well, anyways after the cardio work out I had to learn how to throw myself down on the mat. Did that for a long time cause I wasnt able to do it right. It rattled my brains. Then I wanted to go home cause mom thought class ended at 7:15 but theres actually no set time that it ends. But one of the guys wouldnt let me cause he wanted to slam me on the ground. So he picked me up to his shoulders and slammed me down, went down with me and kinda landed on me. Then the whole class was around the ring and started watching. I was just laying there in pain cause I hit my head, even though I tried my hardest to keep it tucked. I mustve been laying there for about a minute, I dunno. Then I got up and he did it again, and I hit my head again. But it didnt hurt as bad so I got up right away and got away from him, lol. Then I realized I pulled a neck muscle and it hurt like hell (and still does). He wanted to do it again but I REALLY had to go home cause by that time I was more then 20 min late, so they let me go. It was my first time driving by myself yesterday. Wasnt as scary as I thought driving back home at night. But then again I was zoned out the whole time and I think I ran acouple red lights. When I got home I thought I tasted blood in my mouth but wasnt able to check cause I fell asleep right away. So ya, It was fun, lol. Besides getting beat up, they were really nice. For the first time in a long time I was treated like I was human, I felt human. Its feels kinda weird saying that. For most of my life I considered myself to be above humans. Almost not human. But I dunno, im confused now. Anywayz, it seems like my whole life is gonna revolve around wreslting now. And I love it! Im still planning on opening my online shop though. Got the website up (with nothing on it). Last weekend I started to buy fabric and make some stuff. Then im gonna buy a domain name. So I dunno how long that all is gonna take. Fuck, no question thingies today. Im to tired. Im glad school is only mon, wed, and fri.... I can hardly walk and it huts to sit, so im going back to bed. Oh and I just rememberd. When I watched a practice at the school a couple weeks ago there was a new kid there and he didnt have to do half the stuff I had to do! He just had to bounce of the ropes and do some tumbles and thats it! Its not fair! And by the way, someone told me he never showed up again...

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Written about Wednesday 2004-12-29
Written: (5528 days ago)

Im going to wrestling school!!!!!! Yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh!

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Written about Monday 2004-12-13
Written: (5544 days ago)

I got a lip peircing weeeeeee.

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Written about Tuesday 2004-11-30
Written: (5557 days ago)

Well, just came back from vegas. It was ok. Better then when I lived there. We stayed at the four queens. The first day I beat a bunch of guys at foose ball or whatever its called. 2 on 2, 1 on 1, and even 2 on 1. That made my day. The second day I went to the biggest buffet in vegas. I tried duck and it was really good! And can you believe they didnt have any egg rolls? After that we saw a light show at that dome thing. It was about aliens. The third day I went to circus circus and saw a trapeze act. So ya it was fun, but im glad to be home. Im craving egg rolls.

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