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Written about Monday 2009-09-07
Written: (4039 days ago)

What really, really bites, is the fact that EVERYBODY quits about the same time. I swear it's telepathic. I start getting the urge to go get a job with benes and better pay, and three people turn in their resignations the same day.

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Written about Monday 2009-09-07
Written: (4039 days ago)

We said goodbye to one of our long timers this week too. Too bad my ankle's not ready for me to dance a jig. Now maybe we'll keep the people we'll hire.

He was great outside of the job, but at work, he was the asshole. Problem is, we lost another girl (couldn't handle the idea of being a manager) at the same time, and there are two more leaving in two weeks. And another is in jail for at least another week. (note: DO NOT pass out in front of a bar when you are on probation.)
In the next two weeks, I'm losing a football player and our workaholic pizza guy is moving to Wasilla. Last week, we had 19 people on the roster. I was the opening manager yesterday, and couldn't even think about getting around to the more "manager" type things until I clocked out.
Did I mention that the boss is out of town for the weekend? That was a nice stress relief, but he's back, and tomorrow, I'm gonna get an earful of everything that we did wrong (or at least not like HE would have done.)
Ach. Tommorrow's my Friday.

I can deal.

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Written about Saturday 2008-10-18
Written: (4363 days ago)

*coming up from the dead*

... If you really think you're interesting, don't try to do it by claiming to be a satanist and picking a pissing contest with christians... those folks are a dime a dozen.<img:stuff/mood15-gif.gif>

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Written about Thursday 2008-08-07
Written: (4435 days ago)

"Miss Chief (the flower fairy)"

Oh Come on already. It's a very good nude, but it ain't a flower fairy. If you even want it anywhere NEAR that description, at least put a flower in the picture, other than her genitals!

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Written about Monday 2007-02-19
Written: (4969 days ago)

Tindell stared at Thorne from the shadows of her cloak, trying to reconcile the idea that this man was related to her in any way. his hair shone like the sun, and his eyes flashed like the stars of heaven--yet the celestial visage only promised hell to his enemies. And he had many enemies. "Mylenke is a darker version of him," she thought of her sister and a sharp pain went through her heart. She shook her head, "No. She has the capacity, but she also has a heart." The hidden princess swore on her parents' graves that her little sister would never turn out like her uncle.

Her movement caught the King's attention. To him, it was a personal affront to have a beggar in the church in the first place. The stench of unwashed bodies in the sanctuary bothered his nose, and the priest's as well. And this particular creature wasn’t even with the rest of them. Irritated, he signaled to his general. "Get that thing out of here," he hissed. The general nodded to his men, and two guards descended on the beggar. They were good; there was hardly a scuffle as they dragged it away.
Moments later, General Carpa looked up to see the beggar standing in the doorway, sans guards, and the king was looking at him angrily. It took only a few strides to reach the beggar, who lifted its face as he approached...an eerily familiar face. Quickly, he crossed to the person and whispered a soft, "Forgive me," before wrapping a beefy forearm around her neck and dragging her back out the door.
Tindell knew he was being gentle as he could be, but being clothes-lined was never comfortable. "Jesus Christ, Carpa," she muttered to him, "if this is how you treat royalty, maybe I should leave you with him."

“What in heaven’s name are you thinking?” Carpa glared down at his sworn liege, who grinned up at him with a challenge in her eyes. She ached with the urge to rub her throat and hug the giant man, but she waited for a sign. He hugged her instead, then dropped down to his knee for a moment…almost a curtsy- like move, really…before assuming his pose of threatening a transient. “And just where are my men?”

“They’re fine. They’re waiting for you in the annex.” Tindell nodded to him. “I am back. I will take my throne as soon as I can, but in the meantime, would you be so kind as to keep my return as quiet as possible? I want to tell my uncle myself.”

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Written about Monday 2005-12-19
Written: (5397 days ago)

D'Armond stuck his nose in Tserak's face. The elf could hardly see through his pain, but the nose was clear. Bound in iron chains and suspended from the ground, he was whipped bloody and his skin was in strips.
"Hurts, doesn't it?" The human grinned at his captive. "This is only a payback for my Elaine. How I treat you for my staff sergeant will come later. Not much later," he sighed and leaned back, "I bore with you elves so quickly these days."

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Written about Friday 2005-07-15
Written: (5553 days ago)

The elf leaned against the museaum's western pillar, her dark outfit full of snaps and buckles. Her eyes followed the group of tourists as the children passed, and she smiled as one noticed her. The little boy readily accepted the fact that it was an elf, but the thought that it was a pirate made him nudge his playmate.

"What?" the second child whispered as he looked at the empty space where his friend pointed. He shook his head and pulled the other one back up to the rest of the group, but his eyes were darting to and fro looking into shadows with the hope of seeing - well, - something.

The guide, a well meaning young man with a flair for the extravagant, was regaling the group with yet another story of high seas terror.

"Of course," he said with a drawl, "There's no such thing as pirates anymore. One thousand years ago, the royals of Caelon launched an anti-piracy campaign. The threat of pirates had been eradicated. As he turned to lead the others down another hall, a young woman,- green cloak draped over her snaps and buckles - appeared behind the children.

She smiled mischeviously, and spoke so only the two in the rear could hear her. "Don't believe a word he says, boyos. He wouldn't know a pirate if one kidnapped him and dropped him off of a plank, which we are tempted to do every once in a while." The three followed the group and listened to a few more points the guide was making before the boys' companion spoke again.

"One thousand years ago, The royals of Caelon were pirates themselves, both on the seas and in the courts. Measures of piracy are needed no matter where they happen." She bent down and whispered into the boys' ears, "Ask him about Terrace Leigh, and why she only had four fingers on each hand." As they turned to look at her, her light laughter, and a smell of seawater was all that remained of her.

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Written about Sunday 2005-06-12
Written: (5586 days ago)

The guys liked one of my evil overlord quotes last night. I did this one "when I make a bomb, I will make every wire red, and just memorize the one that I need to cut."

I gotta go find that paper I printed for Lucy and the gang.

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Written about Thursday 2005-01-27
Written: (5723 days ago)

Dammit, I'm hungry.

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Written about Friday 2004-12-10
Written: (5771 days ago)

61 entries found for melancholy.
Entry:  melancholy
Part of Speech:  adjective
Definition:  depressed
Synonyms:  blue, crummy, dejected, despondent, destroyed, disconsolate, dismal, dispirited, doleful, dolorous, down, downbeat, downcast, downhearted, dragged, droopy, funereal, gloomy, glum, grim, heavy-hearted, joyless, lachrymose, low, low-spirited, lugubrious, mirthless, miserable, moody, moony, mournful, pensive, sad, saddened, saddening, somber, sorrowful, sorry, torn up, trite, unhappy, wet blanket, wistful, woebegone, woeful

Droopy's a good description. Somber would work, too

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Written about Friday 2004-12-10
Written: (5771 days ago)

And now everybody's watchin' the seas for the damage of the gas from the broken vehicles.

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Written about Friday 2004-12-10
Written: (5771 days ago)

I'm kinda melancholic this evening. There was a boat that went down in Unalaska last night, and 6 crewmembers are unaccounted for. They had a rough night. First their boat lost power 2 days ago, with the waves making it impossible to tug. When the Coasties tried to pick them up, a 30 foot wave knocked the helicopter out of the air.

I might laugh at the irony of an expensive piece of rescue equipment getting slapped out of the air like a bug eventually, but I've had the opportunity to meet a couple of the rescuers, and I really think they did a good job. My prayers go out to the guys and their families. Luckily, there was a second chopper to pick up the rest of the guys. I don't even want to imagine what they went through.
So now I'm typing and thinking of being hauled into a chopper in the dark rain, with God and all his water roaring in 360 degrees. 

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Written about Sunday 2004-06-13
Written: (5951 days ago)

Michael had a hard time of dealing with it at first. His jovial manner had been replaced with one of quiet thought. He worried that his one time friend had turned into a monster. Rogue elves were not allowed into the city. But what if his friend had become one of those most hated ones? Julet had told him that the elf was healing. The cold was being replaced with heat. One night, as he watched the elf staring into a fire at the local bar, she turned her eyes to watch him back. They stared at each other, his blonde eyes, amber with concern...hers grey and lifeless.

Then she spoke.

Spoke of the void that the greenback had mentioned. The Davidian belief of equality. So many things perish in the world, and something else will take their place. Mylenke and Tserak had created a void when they demolished the Elug clan. By Davidian law, she and her cousin were now expected to protect the remaining clans from what ever might take the place in the void.

As she talked, Michael saw her eyes actually flash. She was getting angry again, but it wasn't the anger that made a person dive for cover. She was starting to care again. The ones that harmed her were gone, and now she was obligated to protect, or take up the void and kill the entire race.

"It's a hard choice to make, isn't it?" He gave her a half smile, and deliberately lightened his tone.
She chuffed, and gave a self-depreciating smile back.


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