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Written about Tuesday 2005-04-12
Written: (5428 days ago)

Well, my aunt (who had cancer in her thyroids...we found that out two wed. ago) had her thyroids removed just this thurs. There is no more signs of cancer in her, luckily.

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Written about Thursday 2005-04-07
Written: (5433 days ago)

Haha! I made a new friend! Keifeto. He's on elftown! Whee...church stank as usual. Neither Luke nor Robert can teach ANYTHING. And my church friends ignore me...I despise them at times.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-04-06
Written: (5433 days ago)

Well, Logan left school--he was sent to juv. hall for possession of cocaine, and flight from police--about two weeks ago. He won't be back for about two years (sigh). My life is horrible! I have nobody to go to 9th grade banquet with, and people pretty much hate me. Hate everything about me. At least my dress (I'm using my evening gown from the pageant) fits better. *meaning, the upper half -cough- cough-* Yay. That's my life in a nutshell.

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Written about Thursday 2005-02-17
Written: (5482 days ago)

Sometimes...gah I don't know. I'm having probs with my friend Markayla from Church, and today I had to have a "nice little meeting" with her, her parents, my parents, our youth minister, and the LTC leader Pete. It was SO aggravating. My dad kept on talking...and talking...and talking. FINALLY Robert (youth minister) interrupted him. *Thank the Lord* It was so dumb though. I'm having mixed feelings for Joel though. I'm just so jealous of Markayla. She's a little overweight, and not that pretty, and she STILL get's the cheerleading thing, the best friends, the perfect boyfriends, and everything else her little heart desires...I hate it.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-02-16
Written: (5483 days ago)

Sometimes I want to hurt people...really. Especially guys. I hate school, and Valentine's Day, and Riley Trotter, and Cherish Payne, and everybody else who tries to screw with my life. *smashes everything into a pulp, then sends it down the garbage disposal.* Logan Etter is really cool...really, but sometimes he just freaks me out.

I'm so lonesome at church. My friends have deserted me, except for Izzy and Kayla. Bethany *sob* hasn't been able to come back yet. Markayla is all over Joel, all of the time, so I never get to have our special "walk and talks" anymore. *sigh* I hate females. I mean, ever since I first met Joel, I think I loved him. You know, most people say "you can't truly love someone when you're that young." But I really think I love Joel Bell. He's been my best friend since fifth grade, and we do EVERYTHING together.

Yay! Now I can really play the guitar...an A, E, and D chord, and I can go all the way up the scale...:D

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